Friday, November 04, 2005

Take from the Rich, Give to the... insane?

"Proposition 63 expands mental health care for children and adults, using programs proven to be effective. It is paid for by a 1% tax on taxable personal income over $1 million. It requires strict financial accountability. Prop. 63 is supported by nurses, mental health professionals, law enforcement, educators and many others."

sounds nice, doesn't it?

wait, I think I've already seen this one... wasn't it called Robin Hood??

I like the idea of placing the burden of LA's homeless problem on the shoulders (and pocketbooks) of California's rich, but were I rich, I would have to protest. Since when is it their problem? It's thanks to the Reagan administration that we have so many older homeless people on the streets. It was his actions in the 80's that pulled government funding from thousands of mental hospitals, flooding the streets of America with countless mentally instable citizens.

"In a cost cutting move 30 years ago, California drastically cut back its services in state hospitals for people with severe mental illness. Thousands ended up on the streets homeless and incapable of caring for themselves. Today thousands of suffering people remain on our streets because they are afflicted with untreated severe mental illness. We can and should offer these people the care they need to lead more productive lives."
(Prop 63 website )

In the meantime, they have been aging and breeding, and today there are an estimated 91,000 homeless in LA alone.

Way too many.

"Los Angeles County Sheriff Baca hosted a meeting in downtown Los Angeles to ensure that the Mental Health Services Act funding will go toward homeless services... Los Angeles County will receive $280 million in the next three years."

Not that I have any bright ideas about the issue...

I look forward to next year, though, when I can walk through LA and not have my sight blighted by men sleeping in doorways and women begging for change on the corners. I'm so glad that our government has finally decided to resolve this issue. Thank you Ronald Reagan, Sheriff Baca, and Arnold.

"Mental illnesses are extremely common; they affect almost every family in California..."



Blogger Fu2rman said...

Miss Eyre,

If LA affectively and efficiantly uses the money to rid LA of the homeless problem, I will be shocked.

I know you are 'looking forward to next year...' but you are far more optimistic than I am.

And you're right...

"Mental illnesses are extremely common; they affect almost every family in California..."

I have been doing a number on my family for years!

11:43 PM  
Blogger Grandma C said...

I'm sure your family loves you, if for nothing else you provide the entertainment and a good laugh.

Grandma C

8:44 AM  

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