Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mermaid Art

I'm posting this for no particular reason, other than it's artistic qualities. I certainly do not mean to titillate you, even though there are tits. I post this, instead, because it's sensitive, and you know, aesthetic.

You may ask me, how does one discern the difference between a art and abject pornography?

The answer is simple, really.

When it is art, it may show breasts, areolaes, nipples, and tits, and it may even show pussy, labia (also called, pussy lipz) pulled back to show all the groadie underside, and also swollen clitorises standing up like those tank-spikes on Normandy beach,

but there will be no cock or balls present.

Cuz, cock and balls ruins the whole artistic mood;

l'mode d'humeur toilette, if you will.

In the more simplistic form, porn, of course, the cock would be there. The more explicit the porn, the more veiny the cock is. And, of course, in the really raunchy porn, the extremely veiny, and often, slimy cock is going into the pussy, or even the ass.

But, in Art, one would never show a cock going into an ass.

I could, however, imagine an artistic depiction of a cock near an ass. Close your eyes, and imagine it with me. But, you know it would have to be a, kind of, nebulous, gender-neutral ass, ythe kind where you're not sure if it's a chicks ass, or a dude's.

And, that would only be in the Modern Art, the stuff that hangs in a "Gallery" in downtown.

You'd never be able to find that kind of art in, say, Ikea, or anything like that.


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