Friday, November 19, 2010

Sexy Posture Explained

Traversing the usual, the urban landscape rendered almost indistinguishable by the omnipresent familiar, one often comes across an attractive female assuming this odd and mysteriously sexy pose.

I, for one, have become so accustomed, perhaps I should say, inured to the sight of extravagantly beautiful women squatting naked in the street that I have ceased asking myself the obvious question:

"Why do they do this to us? Why assume such a posture?"

After all, I'm late for a meeting, for God's sake.

So today, I got to meet Elizabeth Loaiza, the model whose photograph adorns this post. Seizing the opportunity, I decided to bring the subject out into the open.

Why squat? Like that? In the street?

"Did you have to pee?" I queried.

To my surprise, the answer rebounded a cultivated and pacific, "Not at all."

Turns out she simply felt the need to be naked right then, for no reason, other than her own intimate knowledge of the sheer and pressing reality of her exquisite allure.

And, who can blame her?

Anyone? Anyone?

We think not.


Blogger The Fu2rman said...


Nope, I'm good with that....

11:40 PM  

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