Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tiger Woods And Modern Chivalry

Now that I've killed her faggy boyfriend, I can fuck the shit out of her and then dump her sorry ass

Let's see,

1) Marriage is a contract in the eyes of the Law, NOT a sacred bond which must only be "put assunder" by God

2) when a man breaks the contract, he pays

3) when a woman breaks the contract, the man pays


So, as far as the law is concerned, men are responsible to the contract, but women are not. In other words, the contract exists so that women will be paid for their services, more than it does to protect the give and take of marriage - "The Institution of Marriage".

So, in the eyes of the law, women have been reduced to the formalized role of Whore. This is where the Feminist Movement has gotten us.

Feminist Lawyers and activists have agitated for almost a century now, and all that has really changed about marriage is that women can divorce any time, and for any reason, they see fit, and men STILL have to pay for the poon, even AFTER they are no longer using it.

Outside of marriage a man can get just about as much poontang as he wants. Hell, the poontang runneth over, oozing out your iPhone with sext messages, digital tits and ass 24/7.

In such a world, is it not to be expected that women are valued less and less by men every day?

So, taking all that into consideration, I would have to say the fact that Tiger Woods was able to write "
four pages, listing the women he’d had affairs with" - 121 names in all - is pretty remarkable. I mean, at least he respected those 121 women enough to remember their names.

This is certainly modern chivalry at it's finest.

Hell, Fu2rman has had to develop elaborate techniques just to remember his babes for the one or two hours before he gnaws his arm off and hobbles on three legs out the bedroom window.

My jimmy hat is off to Tiger Woods.

From the Mirror:

Tiger Woods 'tells estranged wife Elin Nordegren he had 121 affairs during 5-year marriage'

Tiger Woods confessed to having 121 affairs during his five-year marriage, it was reported last night.

The world’s top golfer, 34, is said to have told estranged wife Elin Nordegren the amazing number of women he bedded during her visit while he was in rehab.

Legal sources told US paper the National Enquirer: “When Tiger was in rehab for sex addiction, he filled out four pages, listing the amount of women he’d had affairs with – there were 121 in all.”

Now, after talking to top US divorce lawyers, Erin, 30, has reportedly drawn up divorce papers. They are said to cite his confession, made when she joined him for his rehab clinic “family week”.

This included a “disclosure day” when a tearful Woods allegedly owned up to the flings as part of his treatment.


And now, it is time for him to pay. Oh, I'd imagine those 121 chicks are worth the several hundred million their pussies are going to cost Tiger, right?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being a whore and getting paid for it is better than being a whore and not getting paid.

9:36 AM  

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