Thursday, June 03, 2010

Bank Babe Fired For Being Too Hot

In a perfect world, all bank tellers would be hot.

What the hell is wrong with this bank? I mean, really:

MYFOXNY.COM - Debbie Lorenzana says she lost her job at a Citibank because the men who worked there couldn't handle her hot body.

Lorenzana, 33, is a single mom who says she has a long track record of high marks and awards from the companies where she has worked. She says her bosses at a Citibank branch in at the Chrysler Building in Manhattan told her that they couldn't concentrate because she is too sexy.

Lorenzana insists she dressed similar to the rest of her female colleagues, but bank managers didn't see it that way.

"Because their body type and their body figures were different than mine, I was drawing too much attention. It was distracting," Lorenzana told Good Day NY on Thursday.

Lorenzana says she was told she wasn't allowed to wear turtlenecks, pencil skirts, or fitted business suits. She requested a transfer and got it, but was then fired.

"At no moment ever, ever did I wear while I worked at Citibank anything that showed any cleavage, and for that matter my legs- my skirt was at my knees."

Citi issued a statement on Thursday in response to the allegations by Lorenzana:

"We believe this lawsuit is without merit and we will defend against it vigorously. We respect the privacy of all of our employees and therefore cannot comment more specifically on this litigation, this former employee's overall performance, or the reasons for her termination- which an arbitration panel must resolve. Citi is committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and providing a respectful environment in the workplace. We have a strong commitment to diversity and we do not condone, or tolerate, discrimination within our business for any reason."

Lorenzana said she was transferred to a branch at Rockefeller Center before she was dismissed.

She says she has found another job in the banking industry and is wearing the same clothes with no issues.

The Village Voice showcased her plight with a cover story in its latest issue.

But seriously, none of this matters. She'll make more money working in the media world in the next year than she would have in a twenty year career at the bank.


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