Thursday, June 24, 2010

Let Me Tell You The REAL Story Here.

Bynum Will Have Surgery After Attending World Cup

OK, so Andrew Bynum is delaying his surgery until after his World Cup trip.
Here's what some people don't know, Andrew Bynum is kind of a pussy.  

He is afraid to have this surgery. 

For whatever reason, there is a huge effort to get Americans interested in soccer.  

The thing is, we don't give a crap about this useless sport.  

It's boring!  Any sport that regularly allows a game to end in a tie is lame, (add hockey to that list).  Any sport where the players exchange clothes after the game is for women.  Any sport where the vuvuzela is the the most interesting topic of conversation is...well, I don't even know...

But who better to send to the World Cup than a newly crowned, (in the Lakers case, re-crowned),  NBA Champion?

They asked Kobe, he laughed at them.  They asked Lamar and Khloe, they wouldn't even return a call.  They asked Derek Fisher, and he wouldn't do it.  Artest?  HA!  Even Jordan Farmar told them to eat a dick!  They were pretty much down to Adam Morrison for God's sake!  

Then Bynum heard the news, and he jumped at it. 

Yeah, because Andrew Bynum is a huge soccer fan...paaleeeaase! 

Of course he's not, it is simply a way to avoid the surgery.   

What a pussy!


Blogger Peter Dengler said...

You are absolutely right about this. It took Kobe and the Lakers staff a month just to talk Bynum into having his knee drained.

You say, "He's kind of a pussy."

No. Full on. The man is a pussy.

8:36 AM  
Anonymous Total said...

Kobe is also in South Africa right now, watching the World Cup, FYI. I agree that soccer sucks, except for the international hotties that show up for the games.

9:39 AM  
Blogger Pastorius said...

At least Kobe has the excuse that he grew up in a Soccer loving country.

12:11 PM  
Blogger The Fu2rman said...


Kobe is at the World Cup! WTF!!!

Even growing up in a soccer loving country is no excuse.

Dengler, do you want my Lakers 60th Anniversary Kobe Bryant jersey?

I have no use for it anymore!

JK, think I'll hold on to it...

10:57 PM  
Anonymous Total said...

The Fu2rman,

I'll trade you my 2002-2003 white Shaq #34 jersey for your your Kobe 60th anniversary jersey... ;)

3:12 PM  

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