Sunday, June 27, 2010

World Cup And The MAGIC Spray

If you need yet another reason to laugh at soccer, here it is...

I have watched about as much soccer as ESPN forces on me via Sports Center.  But one of the things that just cracks me up is The Magic Spray!

What the hell is this?!  Come on!  Who is dumb enough to fall for this nonsense?

I mean look at this guy, look at the intense agony on his face.  Did he just get shot?  Did his ankle just go Joe Theismann on him?  If you are not a Football fan, or you're too young to get the reference, I included the video.  And yes, I said FOOTBALL, period!  I'm not calling it American Football...

The video will show what an injury looks like, the stuff that happens on the soccer field is something else entirely.

THAT is an injury, if a stupid spray is all it takes to get them back on the field, good as new, like nothing happened, one can only call it theater.

Just like the theater in the NBA finals a few years back when Paul Pierce was carried off the floor by his teammates, only to roll out in a fucking wheelchair to return to the game.  Oh yeah, good as new, like nothing happened!

Paul Pierce should have joined the drama club instead of the basketball team, he would have been very good.

Do any of these so-called athletes actually believe we are buying this crap?

Joe Theismann didn't cry the way these pussies do, and he actually got hurt.

There was no fake spray, no wheelchair, and no World Wrestling style theatrics for Joe!

If these would-rather-be-actors want to continue in sports, then man up!  If not, join World Wrestling.  

That way they are not in Sports any more, they are in Sports Entertainment.

At least I could respect that.

Thank God it's over...


Blogger Pastorius said...

Great post, dude.

You are absolutely correct.

I wouldn't be surprised if Soccer is nothing but WWE with one ball.

7:43 AM  
Anonymous Total said...

Excellent post. Soccer is for wimps and Paul Pierce is still a whiny bitch who tries to fake injuries whenever he can. I was at Staples Center on Game 6 when Kendrick Perkens went down, and thanks to Pierce a few years back, the crowd had absolutely no sympathy for him whatsoever. In fact, we booed him brutally, called for the wheelchair, and laughed at his horrible misfortune, something we never would have done to anybody before Paul Pierce's pulled of his bullshit.

3:45 PM  
Blogger Pastorius said...

Those were my thoughts exactly, when I saw Perkins go down.

I'm glad you and the others were there cheering exactly as I would have cheered.


8:24 PM  

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