Friday, November 26, 2010

I May Have To Start Watching Clippers Games

Blake Griffin may the first truly great athlete to wear a Clipper uniform.

To me, this guy looks like he could become one of the NBA's all-time greats.

Fox Sports and Paul Westphal on Black Griffin:

'He's one of the bright young talents to come into this league and I think he's going to have a great career,'' Westphal said. ''He's a scary athlete and he's quite an imposing physical presence. He's got a work ethic and there's very few holes in his game. It starts with his tremendous explosiveness. He's not only strong but he's quick, and he's got size to go with all those things. He's also relentless, and that's a skill, too.''

Despite all the superlatives Griffin already has received from coaches, players and advance scouts around the league, it may be to early for the snake-bitten and injury-prone Clippers to start planning on a dynasty - or even think of themselves as a championship-caliber team or a perennial playoff contender. After all, they are still the Clippers - a beleaguered franchise that has made the postseason only four times in its 26 previous seasons in Los Angeles.

''First of all, one player can never turn a franchise around,'' Westphal said. ''But when you look historically at the great players who have come in and taken a team that had been bad and all of a sudden they became one of the best teams - like Kareem, David Robinson, Tim Duncan, Magic, Shaq, those kinds of players, when they're added to a group they can really take them to another level.''


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