Sunday, December 05, 2004

A Sports section??

Ok, it was suggested I add sports to my various rantings. I don't want to spend a lot of time doing this, so if you have specific sports questions, email them to I may answer them here or reply to your email.

However, because my adoring public asked, I'll give you a glimpse into the fu2r...

1) San Diego Chargers defeat the Eagles in the Superbowl. I guarentee nobody else is saying that!

2) LA Clippers finish with a better record than the LA Lakers. Sorry Kobe, you showed time and time again that you couldn't win without Shaq. Every time he was out hurt with his bad wittle piggy, your team lost.

3a) Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez plays in New York next year....Not so fast, he's with the Mets. His little meeting with the Boss was just a ploy to get the Sox and Mets to up their offer. It worked. No way is Pedro going to share a clubhouse with Jorge Posada, and I'll take Jorge over Pedro any day.

3b) Pedro is still unhittable in his first few innings, but after 4, maybe into 5, he's finished, hence not worth the money. He should become a closer to extend his career. Plus, we saw how worthless he was at the plate, as a National Leaguer, he's gotta hit, and that's going to get him yanked in close games. Again, where else are you gonna hear this?

4) Yanks do sign pitchers Carl Povano & Randy Johnson. They go for Carlos Beltran, and make him a very rich man. They don't have a choice, they need a center fielder. Giambi's contract will be voided (that whole steroid thing) so they'll bring Bernie Williams in to play first base.

5) Hockey! Hmmm. Is that still a sport? Was it ever?

There you go, a little glimpse into the fu2r
of sports.


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