Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Atlas Shrugs Kicks Ass

Check out her post.

Iranian adultress sentenced to death by stoning
Iranian Press News

TEHRAN (Reuters) - An Iranian woman has been sentenced to death by stoning for adultery, local media reported on Saturday, although Tehran maintains it no longer executes women in this way.

The woman, named only as Soghra, was found guilty of having an affair with her husband's friend, the Etemad daily reported.

Iran has met international criticism for handing out stoning sentences for adultery. The penalty involves victims being buried up to their midriffs and then pelted to death with stones that are not big enough to kill instantly.

Judiciary officials say no woman has been executed by stoning for several years and that stoning sentences are routinely changed to other forms of execution, such as hanging, or lighter sentences.

"The Islamic code obliges the judge to issue the stoning sentence in adultery cases, however the head of the judiciary may change the final sentence," a judiciary official, who asked not to be named, told Reuters.

Atlas says,

WTF is the feminists, where are the lovers of Freedom, where are the media?

This is my biggest concern for our country right now, everything is about party lines, nobody is thinking for themselves.

N.O.W. and the MSM should be outraged by this story, but that would not benefit the Left agenda of discrediting GW Bush and the war.

So...what? This woman is expendable? Turn your back on her to further your agenda?

That's just sad.

I reluctantly quote Dr. Laura Schlessinger when she calls NOW, the National Organization of SILLY Women.

That is so true.

How can they close their eyes, and keep their mouths shut when a woman only known as Soghra, is about to face an unbelievably cruel death?

I know, she may not be stoned, she may only be killed in another fashion, like hanging. That's so much better!

How does NOW sit back and say nothing about it?

Party Lines, that's how.

It is ridiculous, the Republicans will oppose a good idea, just because it is a Democrats idea, and the Democrats and the Left in general, will go so far as to blame Republicans and GW Bush for everything, including Hurricanes!

Again I say, you need a King! The Fu2rman is the King you need, Fu2rman in 2006!

I guess I will drop the King title to be President Fu2rman.


Blogger Pastorius said...

They actually do stone women in Iraq. They bury them up to their necks and then proceed to throw large rocks at the heads until they die.

It's not a joke, and it's not an exaggeration. They really do it, and they do it because the Koran tells them to do it.

7:17 PM  

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