Monday, October 10, 2005

A Religion Of Peace, You Could've Fooled Me

Thanks Little Green Footballs.

This is a post from The Religion Of Peace (And White Knuckle Terror).

While Indonesian courts busied themselves with trying to decide the length of a prison sentence for three Sunday school teachers last month, Islamists were apparently planning the next Bali bombing. And why shouldn’t they? Indonesian courts seem to have a soft spot for Muslim bombers that doesn’t extend to those outside their “religion of peace.”

Case in point: the three women who were convicted of teaching Sunday school to consensual youth were each given a 3-year prison sentence. By contrast, radical cleric Abu Bakr Ba’asyir, convicted of conspiracy in the 2002 bombing that left more than two-hundred dead, was given six months less time behind bars.

Of course, the three church volunteers shouldn’t complain. They got a slap on the wrist compared to a 27-year-old Australian beauty school student, who received a 20-year sentence in an Indonesian court for supposedly smuggling nine pounds of marijuana into the country.

All of these sentences were handed down in 2005, three years after a horrific and coordinated attack that ended the lives of hundreds of people, mostly tourists at the resort area in Bali.

To summarize: Three years for teaching Sunday school, twenty years for transporting nine pounds of pot… and two and a half years for successfully conspiring to kill hundreds of innocents. Now there’s a religion that’s got its priorities straight!

After the first bombing, Indonesia began a campaign to woo back tourist dollars. About two dozen of those who took the bait are now dead, including at least one Australian. Terrorism is not a singular event, particularly in Islamic countries that don’t take it seriously. Until Indonesia manages to make it into the 21st century, it shouldn't be anyone's tourist destination.

That is a great post, but if you click the link to see 'The List' that follows, it is amazing.

The contents of 'The List' are the terrorist attacks since 9/11, but not including the attacks on the U.S. on 9/11.

The numbers add up to this, 17,586 killed, 37,916 wounded.

The American Left is going out of their way to make the U.S. out to be the bad guy here, but how can you argue with these numbers?

Here is a great point made by The Astute Blogger in regards to the latest bombing in Bali.


The islamofascists bombed Bali - and killed 25 people. As a result, Bali has annouced it will withdraw all their troops from Iraq.

Oooooooooooooooooops. They don't have troops in Iraq. Hmmm. Huh. Er... um, could it be the islamofascists have other aims, and are not merely attacking people in revenge for toppling Saddam?! Could it be that they MEAN what they say when they say - since 1998 - that they want to re-establish the Caliphate and will kill or convert anyone who gets in their way, and that they are only limited by their means and not by any conventions, and that they are more than willing to commit genocide and kill innocent bystanders!?


How is it possible that anyone opposes what we are trying to accomplish in the war on terror?

They are not interested in revenge, we did not bring this on ourselves, these are evil people, pure and simple.


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