Monday, September 26, 2005

A Very Recycled Post

This is an outstanding post I found at CUANAS, that he found at Fjordman, that he found at Munkhammer....

It keeps getting reposted, and for very good reason, it sounds a little Ayn Rand, I was surprised Atlas Shrugs didn't have it on her blog.

The Evil Socialism. Some admit that socialism is wrong and that it produces a destructive society, yet claim that is has good intentions and beautiful values. They say that socialists at least want to fight poverty and want better opportunities for the worst off. I would say that is at best misleading but mostly all wrong.

Socialism is not mainly about helping the poor and disabled or create progress. It is first and foremost about fighting wealth and in partucular stopping individuals from being successful. They hate when one person stands out, when one is more skilled, when one is rewarded for talent. And it is mainly for that hate that they fight for equality; not to give the poor a chance but to oppress genius and success.

Nobody should think she or he is better than anyone else is the motto. And if someone proves to be, that has to be neglected or fought. That is why they want the high taxes and massive regulation. That is why they preach equality and social values - to fight the remarkable and successful. If social matters and equality are the most important things, then surely great achievements are no good.

Since ideas, thinking and success are great human features, socialism is an ideology based on anti-humanity. That explains why it creates destructive societies. And that is. in turn, why it is not at all based on good values but evil ones.


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