Tuesday, February 08, 2005

LAPD, And Police Officers In General

My best friend lives in another state. I hope he doesn't mind me sharing this story.

He is a Police officer. Married, child.

The hardest conversation I ever had to have with him went something like...

Hey Fu2rman, guess what happened? I was working the jail, and a scuffle broke out. I took down a guy that is a known IV drug user. He's only been in a month. I cut my hand as I went to the ground with him. Unfortunately, he was bleeding at the time, from the fight with the other inmate. He bled on my hand that was cut as we went down. The Department did an AIDS test on him, but even if it comes back negative, I have to wait another 5 months before we know for sure. He's only been in coustody 1 month, so he could have contracted AIDS 32 days ago, so I won't know about my health for over 5 months. I have to wait until next week to know if he was infected when he got here.

How do I live my life? What do I expect from my wife? I have to abstain from relations for 5 months? What do I need to do to ensure my wife and daughter are not infected?

That is only part of the life our Police officers have.

Would you choose that?

I would not.

In LA we had a shooting, I'm sure it's made the news across the country.

A 13 year old got shot and killed,

Now the
'supposed leaders' of the comunity are protesting.

To be clear!!!

I don't think the LAPD is the greatest bunch. But look what they have to deal with!

You couldn't pay me enough!

I would like to ask,
"Where is the media attention and public outcry when decent people, trying to do good, lose their lives in these dangerous comunities?!!!"

We never hear about that do we!

Let's bottomline this one for the comunity

If the boy would have
not been stealing cars, he would be alive today!

Too harsh?

OK, if the boy that stole the car would have
stopped the car, he would still be alive today!

You probably don't like that either.

How about this?

Please, take some responsibility for once!!!

You are the protesting

You figure out how to stop crime!

The Fu2rman was King, as it should be, I'd make the LAPD turn the area over to you to police!

You think it's so damn easy...

It's yours!


Blogger Pastorius said...

Hey Fu2,

I agree with you on this police shooting thing.

You know, if you think about it, it's not just police that people get unfairly angry with. It's everything organizational. At bottom, no one wants to believe that life has risks anymore. They want to believe they can walk outside, eat a particular product, drive a particular car, etc. with no risk at all. When it is proven to them that there is a risk, they want to sue the corporation, police dept., school, or whatever, as if it were the organization who allowed there to be risk in life.

This is ironic, because the very reason organizations exist is to decrease chaos. That's why they are called organizations.

A chaotic world is a risky world. People need to stop tearing down organizations because, in so doing, they are actually increasing chaos and thereby risk. This is evidenced in the neighborhoods of Los Angeles. The schools, police departments, and the institution of marriage (which is also a form of organization) have all been under this assault for about forty years now. The result has been increased chaos, and more attendant risk.

The ideology which would tear down organizations, and which is to blame for this increase in chaos, is feminism. Feminism, at bottom, abhors organizations because they are hierarchical and linear rather than mushy, feely, and circular. Feminists truly believe that they are making the world a better place, but clearly they are not.

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