Saturday, December 18, 2004

How about that Kerik?

OK, this is a fun story!

Bernard Kerik to head the Homeland Security Department, good choice GW Bush. I kid, it would be so easy to blame Bush for not doing his homework on the guy, but he came highly recomended from Rudy Giuliani. I wouldn't question Rudy G! Hey, you say he's good, he's good, period. I hope Rudy doesn't have this kind a junk in his past, otherwise, who runs for president in 2008?

Let's look at a couple things, shall we?

First, I want to apologize to my fellow conservatives, I'm going to give the bad guys some help here.

If the Liberals wanted to help their cause, they should do everything they can to make Keriks affairs noble. Yes, noble! Remember the Clinton days? It's just sex, don't be so uptight. And what was a major point of weakness for Kerry in this election? Morals and values. At least Kerik had the discretion to get an apartment to conduct his affairs.

How does this guy declare banktrupcy, and then cash in stock options, (that's right, options, i.e. no money out of pocket), to the tune of $6+ million, from a company he gave the contract to sell him loads of product? This should have been the factor that eliminated Kerik from the job, this conflict of interest is inexcusable.

Kerik took his name out of the hat because he felt he may have employed a questionable alien, and not paid proper taxes. This seems like a minor infraction compared to his other indescretions.

Sad, sad, sad...

My concern with this is the Rudy Giuliani situation. Does his apology to Bush stand, or does the GOP start putting distance between them? Will Rudy get the nod from the GOP in 2008? If he had GW's support he would be a shoe-in. But did he embarrass GW enough to lose his support?

Only time will tell. But the good thing is that the Liberals are jumping on Kerik for his affairs.

Morals and values will live on, at least for now. Which will leave the Liberals behind once again.


Blogger Pastorius said...


This is a great post. You took this one apart very well. I am apalled at the lack of objectivity on my newly-adopted right. If Kerik is bad, he's bad, and that's it. Stop trying to defend him.

Same with Giuliani. And, I must say, I have a bad feeling about him. There's something suddenly, and oddly, tentative about his persona, when he appears on the national stage. When he's talking NY, he's powerful. But, when he's talking America, suddenly he's boring.

Why is that?

Maybe because he knows he lying?

We will find out, eventually.

Anyway, my friend, the real candidate for 2008 is Condoleeza Rice.

She's the man, baby.

Screaming Memes
(B.A. English Literature, A.A. Philosophy)

11:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, you really think Condoleezza Rice is the best choice to run against Hillary Clinton? Is The United States ready to elect a female president? Wouldn't the Republicans be better off putting ANYBODY else up against Mrs. Clinton? I don't know just suprised you all think a woman can get elected president, not saying a woman can't do the job, just saying, will the US elect a woman.

10:10 PM  

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