Monday, December 20, 2004

Introducing The Fu2rman on Sports!!

Well my friends, my good buddy Bahb (pronounced Bob) Damf, has talked me into starting a separate blog to talk sports. He didn't really talk me into it as much as he suggested it. I was excited to work with such a great partner.

Now, Bahb is pretty much a Big Assed Hairy Beer Drinkin' American Mother F#@%er.

Now, let apologize for almost using obsceneties. I describe him this way as a compliment. To further compliment him...

The Fu2rman, (yours truly) has shown that he is brilliant in his sports predictions, yes, yes?

I must admit; however; after so many coversations between Bahb and I, and I am willing to open up my kingdom. Believe me, that is not a statement to be taken lightly! Just ask one of the potential Queens.

I will continue to be the soothsayer, but Bahb will school all of us on atrocities that occur every day, especially in the sad state of the sports media.

Isn't it funny, when the Fu2rman Speaks, there is issues with the mainstream media, when the Fu2rman Speaks on Sports, there is issues with the mainstream media!

Something has got to change!

The Fu2rman on Sports can be found on the link to the right, just under my profile.


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