Thursday, September 29, 2005

DeLay, WTF Happened Here?

I am going to put this link to the indictment.

That is the first part.

Now, I don't know campaign finance law, but I know enough about the laws of this country to say,
let's let DeLay be innocent until proven guilty.
Also, it is my understanding that he had lawyers and accountants dealing with these issues.

However, if he knowingly cheated,
nail him.

What I do know is that I don't trust any of our leaders at the moment.

GW Bush is spending like a drunken rock-star, one of
many reasons I didn't vote for John Kerry.

22 Democrats voted against a very qualified,
now Chief-Justice, with an impeccable record.

Here is the list...

Evan Bayh of Indiana
Joseph Biden of Delaware

Barbara Boxer of California

Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York

Jon Corzine of New Jersey

Mark Dayton of Minnesota

Dick Durbin of Illinois

Dianne Feinstein of California

Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts

John Kerry of Massachusetts

Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey

Barbara Mikulski of Maryland

Barack Obama of Illinois

Harry Reid of Nevada

Charles Schumer of New York

Debbie Stabenow of Michigan

Jack Reed of Rhode Island

Tom Harkin of Iowa

Daniel Inouye of Hawaii

Paul Sarbanes of Maryland

Maria Cantwell of Washington

Daniel Akaka of Hawaii

Kerry, Clinton, Kennedy, Biden, and both California Senators, Boxer and Feinstein.
I will once again vote against those two California senators.

Who can we trust anymore to represent us?

Immigration is a concern to me, but it seems the Republicans,
of all people refuse to address it.

Something has got to give, and soon.

The Republicans are too worried about being
nice, and popular, and the Democrats are too worried about their shrinking influence.

Do we need a third party?


Or, maybe we need a King...

Hey, I'm The King, let me fix up this mess!

Elect the Fu2rman, 2008!

Can I still be The King if I'm elected President?


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