Sunday, October 16, 2005

No More Lap Dances In L.A.?

How can that be possible?

You can't even spell LAp Dance without LA!

Check out this article.

Two years ago, the Los Angeles City Council adopted a controversial lap-dance ban after many hours of public hearings, heated debates and protests from angry strippers and club owners.

Council members didn't technically ban the dances, of course. Instead, they created a rule that patrons couldn't get closer than six feet to the dancers, thus creating a de facto ban they knew was unenforceable for all intents and purposes.

Then, just a couple of months later, they unadopted the ordinance after it became clear strip-club supporters were threatening lawsuits and gathering signatures to put the ban on the ballot. Intimidated as usual, the council chose the wiser course of enforcing existing laws against strip clubs that actually are disrupting neighborhoods and going way over the line of common decency.

The whole fiasco provided good paydays to lobbyists, lawyers and consultants - as well as some handy campaign cash to some politicians.

Business for these folks must not be so good because the ban crusade is back.

Let me just start with, I'm not a fan of strip clubs, I don't like to spend money on a product that gives me nothing.

I will spend silly amounts of money on cigars, because it is a great excuse for me to stop and just be still for about an hour. It's a way I force myself to relax, and enjoy good company, a good drink, and let my mind take some time off. Money well spent in my opinion. I also mention a good drink, that is also money well spent, there is a certain gratification that comes with a good cocktail.

A lap dance, or any money spent in a strip club, is money poorly spent.

No gratification, just less money than you had before the dance.

I also don't like what strip clubs turn women into.

I don't care that they are using their bodies to make money, I would even be the first to argue that prostitution should be legal.

But strippers end up with a distorted view of men.

I went out with a woman, once, that was a stripper, and a good friend of mine always dates strippers. He's a guitarist, so it's mandatory, or something, I think it's in the 'rules'.

But notice, he always dates stripper's', not, he's married to a stripper, not, his girlfriend is a stripper, he has a new one all the time, and he can't figure out why. Even though I have explained it 50 times.

Strippers think men are pathetic, and that's no surprise, their clientele, especially their regulars are pathetic. They are nothing more than a stupid guy that gives them money for nothing. If you walk into a strip club, and the strippers know you, you are pathetic in their eyes. If they all know your name, you are ridiculously pathetic. I know this from talking to strippers!

I won't even get into the fact that strippers tend to abuse drugs and alcohol. Plus the fact that they are offered money for sex every night, whether they partake in such prostitution or not, is beside the point.

So you would think I'm all for this ban, right?


This is a free country, and if that is how one chooses to make a living, more power to you.

My problem with the law is almost altogether summed up in the article...

Give us a break. The lap-dancing attacks are nothing more than distraction from the real issues that bring down the quality of life in Los Angeles - things like kids getting shot on the way home from school, unsafe housing conditions, sweatshops where immigrants are exploited, streets that are literally falling apart, lack of good jobs, to name a few.

Lap dancing, sex clubs, the nation's pornography industry - those are symbols of the unhealthy state of the city, not the cause of its deterioration. Instead of creating another circus over the ground rules for lap dancing, city officials should start to work grappling with the big issues that actually affect the lives of millions of residents every day.

The City of Los Angeles has bigger fish to fry, and I am dissapointed in them that they are focusing on this issue.

The only other concern I have is this.

Any time our government thinks it is acceptable to legislate morality, they have over stepped their bounds.

No wonder LA is such a mess.


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