Friday, October 21, 2005

The Worst Story I've Seen In A Long Time

Mom Arrested in Bay Area Children's Deaths

Lashaun T. Harris, 23, was taken into custody Wednesday night after someone saw her drop the youngsters from a 10-foot pier not far from Fishermen's Wharf, a major tourist spot.

Now of course this is a very sad tradgedy. It is unthinkable that a Mother could do such a thing to her own children.

Harris first took off the children's clothes before dumping them in the water, according to a report in The San Jose Mercury News.

The real tradgedy is that
'someone saw her drop the youngsters from a 10-foot pier'. So she took the clothes off of 3 children, dropped them, one-by-one, into the water?

How can that
'Someone' live with themselves?

I can understand, one kid getting dropped in,
maybe 2, but they just stood back and watched?

...was arrested while pushing an empty stroller away from the pier and was jailed Thursday on suspicion of murder.

This person didn't do a damn thing to stop or help the situation.

Oh, I'm sorry, they were probably the one that called the Police,
maybe from their cell phone, but from a distance of course.

Harris was described as
blank, as in a blank stare, nothing there, when she was taken into custody.

Obviously! She's insane! Anyone that would abandon their children and leave them to freeze, drown and die,
couldn't be anything else?
someone out there may have been able to save one or two of these children, they could have done more than dial 911.

Let's all keep that in mind next time we see something strange out there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Let's all keep that in mind next time we see something strange out there."

Thanks for the reminder. :)

11:11 PM  

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