Thursday, November 10, 2005

Dear Mrs. Boxer, All I Want For Christmas Is Lower Gas Tax

So far this Email thing hasn't been working.

Still no answer from Tookie, so let's try a California Senator.

In my post about gas prices, Pastorius brought up taxes. I'm glad he did, I guess I was just accepting that taxes would never go down, so why bother talking about that.

But, I was inspired, and a little angry that Barbara Boxer had the nerve to ask Oil Execs to donate parts of their bonuses, when we all know damn well the Government would not be doing the same.

I'll tell you, the sense of entitlement these politicians have is off the charts.

I just sent this to Boxer.

Mrs. Boxer,

I know you are a very busy, so I will make this extremely brief.

Given that about 20% of the cost of gas consists of taxes, wouldn't the Government be able to quickly ease our pain on these high Gas prices?

When will you fight for Us to pay less Gas Tax?

That would sure make life more affordable for me.

Thank you in advance for your time.

The Fu2rman

Will she respond?

Here's my prediction, I will get a form letter that won't even actually address my question.



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