Thursday, November 24, 2005

Fu2rman's Movie Review

I don't want to make a habbit of reviewing movies, but 'Walk The Line' does get my nod.

As a younger man, I played in bands, and even had a rare opportunity to open for Social Distortion. Unfortunatly, that show was cancelled by the Anaheim Fire Dept. due to over-selling the venue, but that is another story.

I only bring up Social D because of the influence Johnny Cash played on Mike Ness, who is SD.

I always loved Johnny's persona, The Man In Black, in fact I emmulated it in a more modern way, as a struggling musician.

Not long before June Carters death, Johnny recorded his version of Nine Inch Nails, 'Hurt' and the first time I saw that video I was moved to tears. I am a big fan of NIN, but Johnny gave that song something that Trent Reznor never could.

True desperation, desperation that he was losing his life, and he was losing the love of his life.

Not surprising, Johnny died only 4 months after his love June Carter.

So it was a pleasure to see this film.

First off, Joaquin Phoenix played the part with a respect that I can more than appreciate.

He sang every note in the movie, which is more than impressive. He didn't sound exactly like Johnny, but he was damn good, damn good!

His likeness even surprised me, look at those pictures, pretty similar.

Sometimes you just have to make a movie about an icon when the actor is available.

Who else could have, or will ever, be able to play Johnny Cash with such grace and ease?

I've spent some time lately bashing stupid celebrities, I just thought it was time to praise one for a job well done.

Now Joaquin, just don't dissappoint me with some ridiculous political ignorance.

You're on the 'good list' of celebrities, keep up the good work.


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