Wednesday, November 23, 2005

John Kerry Finds A Job He Can Be Good At

Good for you Mr. Kerry, too bad we don't have a system that would employ professional jurors.

John Kerry, Jury Foreman

BTW, I think having professional jurors would be a far better way running our highly complex judicial system,
as the average juror seems to be getting dumber by the day.

Then, finally, JK could have a job he is good at.

"I just found him to be a knowledgeable, normal person," said Cynthia Lovell, a nurse and registered Republican who says she now regrets voting for Mr. Bush in last year's election. "He kept us focused. He wanted us all to have our own say."

See what I mean about jurors not being very bright, sure he can run a jury, but so can a monkey.

But that does not mean, therefore, a monkey can run the United States?


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