Friday, December 02, 2005

OK, I See The Light!!!

Tookie is a good guy.

He must be, Snoop Dogg, Mike "Who?" Farrell (the guy from M*A*S*H, no the other one, no! the other one!!), Jamie Foxx, Bianca "What Have I Ever Done Except F-Mick Jagger" Jagger, Jesse Jackson, Harry Belafonte, and Russell Crowe are among the publicity whores out there spouting off about Tookie.

Here is the real deal.

Tookie's brilliant 'friends' have shown me the light.

They describe him as a 'model prisoner'.

Weeeeelllllll, there is this...

While Williams' celebrity cheerleaders have claimed he has been a model prisoner throughout his sentence and have pointed to this as evidence of his rehabilitation, the DA's report contains 11 examples of incidents for which he was disciplined, beginning in 1981 and continuing through 1993. They include:

  • a violent fight with another inmate June 30, 1981, in which he repeatedly struck the prisoner while kneeling over him;
  • a refusal to line up for a return to his cell Jan. 26, 1982, in which he threatened a guard;
  • throwing a chemical substance in the eyes of a guard Jan. 28, 1982, in an attack that resulted in chemical burns and emergency treatment;
  • a second attack on a guard with a chemical substance Jan. 29, 1982;
  • an attack on another inmate Feb. 16, 1984, in which Williams only stopped beating the prisoner when a warning shot was fired;
  • a threat to kill a guard June 8, 1984;
  • the beating of another inmate July 4, 1986 that only ceased when armed officers arrived on the scene;
  • another fight with an inmate that led to his own stabbing, reportedly retaliation for his ordering another inmate to be stabbed;
  • his continued association with the Crips street gang led to administrative segregation Oct. 19, 1988;
  • the beating of another inmate Dec. 24, 1991, that only stopped after a warning shot was fired;
  • another fight with other inmates July 6, 1993, in which a stabbing instrument (shank) was recovered.
Yep! what a great guy!

A model prisoner.

Jesse Jackson, you are a religious man, right?

You don't have anything you want to help this Thug understand about peace, love and God?


You don't have anything to teach him?

I didn't think so.

However, we could be wrong.

Tookie may be innocent, because when an innocent man is found guilty, usually he responds like this...

The DA's report also says Williams threatened all of the jurors after they found him guilty.

"Specifically, the defendant looked at the jurors and said he 'was going to get all' of them," said the report. "After learning of this threat, the trial judge inquired of the jury foreperson. The foreperson confirmed the defendant mouthed the words 'I'm going to get each and every one of you m-----f------."

Yes, this is an evil m-----f-----, whose time has come to move on to whatever the after-life has in store for him.

Lastly, in case you think the State of California is hasty in dealing out the death penalty...


In almost 30 years since the dealth penalty has been reinstated, Tookie better be #12.

11 executions in 30 years, and given our population, and this fact...

"This gang is responsible for the regular commission of crimes such as murder, rape, robbery and drug sales," says the report. "The gang has taken over large areas of many of our communities. As a result, hard-working, law-abiding citizens are forced to live in daily fear that gang members might take their lives."

In 2004, the city of Los Angeles alone, gang crimes accounted for 291 homicides, 717 attempted homicides, 2,616 felony assaults, 61 attacks on police officers, 2,308 robberies, 44 kidnappings, 36 rapes, 754 acts of witness intimidation, 20 acts of extortion and 188 carjackings.

Tookie alone is responsible for more deaths than The State of Califonia!

Even after stating so many obvious facts, do you know what bugs me most about this nonesense?

Bianca Jagger, anti-death penalty advocate: "Once again I am sad to see another innocent man is about to be killed."

Statements like that!

On what planet is this guy innocent!!!

Appeal after appeal, and if you can't get off death row in California, I'm sorry, you are guilty!

This state would love to make me and the other law abiding working people, house and feed and keep your murdering self, alive forever.

But you did it, you got your due process in abundance, and now, time to go.


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