Friday, December 02, 2005

Re: Air Travel - All Men Are Potential Sexual Predators??

I was not going to do a whole new post on this, but I feel I must.

If you haven't read JMJ's post yet, go do that now...

I have a couple ways I want to go here, so let me start with this one.

As many of my readers know, I am a huge baseball fan.

And for the record, single, with no kids.

I was a pretty decent player back in the day, and I coached a pretty damn good Little League team, until...

A sort-of relative made a very innocent comment, but it freaked me out.

I'll call him Devin.

I was talking to Devin about how rewarding it was to coach these kids, to see them learn, to see their self-esteem rise, to see the elation when they won, and the utter dissappointment when they lost.

Devin was very excited to hear my stories, I could tell because he added...

I always wanted to do that!

I just didn't want to be that creepy guy with no kids coaching little boys.

I never coached a team again after I heard that.

I agree 110% with JMJ that Qantas and Air New Zealand are totally out of line.

However, do you know who really needs to be chastised here?

Parents that are letting their children fly alone!

If it is too dangerous for a child to sit next to ANY man, then they should not be flying without a parent or guardian, period.

That is the behaviour the airlines should be banning.

How hard is this!?

Are we really getting that stupid as a society?

The last comment I will make for now is this...

I didn't quit coaching Little League because of what people might think, I quit because of the liability.

After hearing Devin's comment, I thought back to the time that I had to call order to our bench to pay attention to the game.

The boys were talking about the condom one of them found at school.

I quickly said that was a conversation to ask your parents about, now pay attention to the game!

Their giggles stopped, but do you see what I mean?

One wrong comment in that situation and I could have been in trouble in so many ways!

Taking role-models out of the population because of what could happen, is very detrimental to the growth of our society.


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