Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Is It Worth It?

After I said I would never bring up Tookie Williams' name until it was appropriate, here I go.

California executed another bad guy, in Clarence Ray Allen.

Good for them.

And like I said, you and I didn't hear a peep of protest against his death.

Where are you Snoop? Oh! Right, he was a white guy.

Danny Glover? Again, a white guy.

Bianca Jagger? Again, all you ever did was marry into the Jagger name.

Now, being a balanced and fair reporter of the facts, this is what concerns me.

Based on philosophy, I would condone the death penalty any day.

But as a tax payer, is that prudent?

The Cost Of The Death Penalty

  • In Los Angeles County, the total cost of capital punishment is $2,087,926.
  • In Los Angeles County, the total cost of life imprisonment without possibility of parole is $1,448,935
So it is going to cost us less to keep murderers in jail for life?

Are we really talking $638,991, per inmate?

If that is truly the case, let's fund our school system, or whatever else needs funding.

I don't have an ea
sy answer, but I would sure love to be involved in the California Government.

What is our legislature thinking?

We are represented by liberal ideologists, so how can they miss this point?

This is what is funny about California representation, I have issues with everything they represent, yet I can make a better argument for their side than they can?

We have easily the worst representation in the United States.

Please, California, UN-ELECT EVERYONE!

Let's start over.


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