Tuesday, January 31, 2006

What Is The Muslim Cover-Up?

JMJ posted about the Theo Van Gogh movie that led to his death.

What exactly was it that made radical fringe Muslims murder him?

Maybe that they have something to hide?

I think so.

Religions are up for scrutiny all the time.

The Catholic religion can attest to that.

They have their own issues they are working through right now.

Let me use Catholicism for a minute.

I grew up Catholic, so did my whole family.

I was an alter boy, one of the un-molested boy's.

But if you watch the news, you'd think I was one of the lucky one's.

But that is not the case, there are a large number of cases against Catholic Priests molesting children, but that is not the majority.

The thing is, if you talk to Catholics, myself being an ex-Catholic, because I disagree with the religion, most will tell you they want the bad priests kicked out of the religion.

I found that the priests I dealt with were virtuous men. They were dedicated to their religion, they were looking to help us be good and healthy adults.

There are some, however, that are not so virtuous.

And most Catholics, and most ex-Catholics, like myself, would like those that deviate from the word of God, be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

That is where The Muslim Religion, and Christianity differ.

How many people have been murdered for speaking out about the Catholic child moestations?

None that I know of.

But Theo Van Gogh lost his life for a film he was putting out.

What is that film?

Veiw 4 parts of his film here.

After watching all 4 parts, I can understand why it was uncomfortable for Muslims to watch.

But I still don't understand how anyone could resort to murder over it.

That is, unless, the Muslim Religion of Peace has something to hide.

I truly believe, as an ex-Catholic, that Catholics have tried to hide their ugly secrets.

And I also beleive that Muslims tried to quiet Van Gogh's voice once and for all.

Because they too, have something to hide.

And this is the result.

Religion of Peace?

You tell me...


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