Monday, February 27, 2006

Sorry For My Absense

The Fu2rman would like to apologize for the almost week long absense in posting.

I had a really tough work week, as a manager of mine was on vacation, so myself and one other manager had to cover the restaurant for the last week.

It was, however, interupted by a nice surprise from my girl. She made plans for us on the one shift that I had a night, and the next morning off.

She booked us into a local hotel, where we had room service and pretty much just spent the evening and morning together.

I guess the Tiffany's V-Day gift was a hit.

It was not exactly 'Steak and Fellatio Day', but that was my fault, I could have had steak, but I had the Swordfish instead.

The best and worst part was that when we checked in, I didn't have my laptop.

So I had to buy the crappy internet TV thing they had. I was only able to check emails, because they didn't have a mouse, and it was super slow, not a good system.

But that was a blessing, as I just answered a few emails, and got to spend a whole lot of needed quality time with whom I think should be the Fu2r Mrs. Fu2rman.

Anyway, my manager is back, so work is under control, and the maybe Mrs. Fu2rman is happy, so all is right in my world.

So let's get back on track...


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