Monday, February 20, 2006

Go Read This!!!

This is a great post on The Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

It was posted by Atlas Shrugs.

It is a commentary on how the Main Stream Media is dropping the ball, and it is bloggers that are picking it up.

By now everyone knows that big media will not print the toons. Despite the fact that it is the obligation of the press to do just that, they succumbed to dhimmitude and refused to run them.

What political blog did not see a tsunami of traffic from a world hungry for a look at those damn cartoons? Where did the people go? They came to us, by the millions. They were forced to come to us by the very entity that would love to see us wither and die. Ironic. My blog alone quadrupled its numbers at the height of the search.

Go read the whole thing, it's really well written.

Yes, in the MSM, blogs and bloggers are either not mentioned or ignored, or talked about as if they are a bunch of meaningless rantings from non-jounalists. As if being a journalist still means something.

They will have you believe that if you want real news, you must go to them.

Times are changing.

How long will it be before The LA Times, The New York Times and CNN wake up?

If they are too afraid, or too politically correct, or too biased, (in either direction), to give The People the straight story, and let them come to their own conclusions, than what are they good for?

If this cartoon thing is any indication...

Not Much


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