Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Enemy Is Smart Too

As I see it in my daily life, most Westerners see Muslim countries as third world countries.

Of course, they may have tons of oil money, but that is reserved for the few wealthy people in the country, right?

The rest are poverty stricken, uneducated suicide bombers.

While that may be true in many cases, one should always know their enemy.

One who knows the enemy and knows himself will not be in danger in a hundred battles.

One who does not know the enemy but knows himself will sometimes win, sometimes lose.

One who does not know the enemy and does not know himself will be in danger in every battle.

---Sun Tsu, The Art of War

How well do we know our enemy?

Muslim hackers blast Denmark in Net assault

Gangs of pro-Muslim computer hackers have unleashed a withering cyber attack on Danish and Western websites in the past week, escalating their defacement barrage to coincide with dozens of violent street-level demonstrations across the Arab world in protest at the publication of a cartoon depiction of the Prophet Mohammed.

The victims of the cyber attacks ran the gamut of large and small websites, from estate agents in Essex to a Danish online gamer community called the 47th Royal Marines. As of Tuesday morning, the latter's site was still defaced to read 'Hacked by RedHackeR" with the following statement: "IM SORRY, STOP WAR, DON'T TOUCH ALL ISLAM COUNTRY! F[***] DENMARK, F[***] YOUR GOVERMENT!!!'

That is not a third world, suicide bomber response the West is used to.

Do you think it's time to wake up?


Anonymous Jochen said...

"Muslim Süß", human dignity and the limits of liberty

A lot has been said lately about the Muhammad-Cartoons, originally published in the Danish daily Jyllands Posten, that created regime-casted outrages throughout the dicatorships in the Middle East

2:39 AM  
Blogger Fu2rman said...


Well actually, the cartoons were originally posted in the Egyptian paper 'Al Fager' back in October.

That has been a topic of discussion here.

Why were these cartoons not a big deal in Oct. the month of Ramadan?

Now they have a problem? 5 months later?

We think it has something to do with the Danes taking over the security council, or possibly the fact that the Iraqi elections don't look good for ME dictatorships.

Just some food for thought.

5:18 AM  
Blogger JMJ said...


To quote a Muslim friend, it is not a legal responsiblity to not offend another's religion but a civic responsiblity. As it is in everyday life when we interact with our fellow human beings.

Was this an unwise move? Maybe or maybe not.

I say if it reveals the true character of the Muslim faith, it WAS a wise move.

It's all about the type of response relative to the offense.

The newspaper's history is irrevelant.

It also does not matter which came first, the chicken or the egg.

The Religion of PEACE uses VIOLENCE when insulted. Does that not seem like a contradiction to you?

We non-Muslims may get offended and boycott or burn flags or go to court or whatever but we do NOT kill because of being offended.

Our system is not perfect and very often leads to controversial issues. But our culture based on Western values lets us deal with them peacefully.

But the Muslim protests and threats of suicide bombers/death threats are now nicely demonstrating where the cartoonist's idea of showing Mohammed with a bomb on his head originated from. I don't believe mankind had bombs back in the 7th century!

Or how would you explain where the cartoonist's could ever have gotten this idea?
When Muslims put the Prophet on a pedestal, they are engaging in idolatry. The point of monotheism is to worship one God, not one of God's emissaries. Which is why humility requires people of faith to mock themselves - and each other - every once in a while. The difference between Muslims and non-Muslims is that when Muslims are offended, THEY THREATEN TO KILL!

Please explain the Islamic teaching of reacting with violence to personal insult. Even when Mohammed has been insulted.
BTW, I noticed you posted the cartoons on your site. Are you not contributing to this disrespect?

BTW, I commend you for it!

But do you not fear now that violence may come your way?

That is what is so important to see here!!
- Say Islam is peaceful, or we will kill you.


- Islam is saying you can't read or look at or talk about ANYTHING THEY FIND OFFENSIVE AND THEY'LL DECIDE WHAT THAT IS.

Where will the line be drawn or will it be a line that moves depending on each Muslim's interpretation of what is offensive?
Yes, life is messy. If Allah did not wish for it to be that way, he would not have allowed it.

PS: Would you be so kind as to put the "Posting Instructions" in english for us single language bloggers? Thank you! :)

- I tried to post my response on your blog as well but was unsuccessful.

11:40 AM  
Blogger JMJ said...

I think you are taking "liberties" in what we (and philosphers) all agree on.

(BTW, respected philosophers and scholars frequently disagree on shared areas of expertise.)

IMHO, human diginity is NOT a criteria that ends one's liberty relative to freedom of expression. In fact, that is exactly what this cartoon affair is all about!

For you to make this presumption at the beginning of your post does not allow your follow up arguments much structual support to stand on.

To put it another way, maybe you would be so kind as to define in clear and universally accepted terms what the definition of "human diginty" is.

I know some muslims who were NOT offended (their human dignity) by this cartoon!

"We commonly agree today with Kant, Mill, Bentham, Smith, Berlin and all the other fathers of modern liberalism, that one's liberty ends, where it violates the life, property and human dignity of others."

I will anxiously await your definition of human dignity.


12:02 PM  

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