Tuesday, February 14, 2006

JMJ & Fu2rman, Makin' Friends

Thank you JMJ for 2 new links on The Fu2rman & Friends.

The first is hmmh...

This a great site, run by
von Schlichtningen, who happens to be a regular commenter on The Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

He is always insightful, and has great things to add to every conversation.

Here is a sample...

It's time for Arabs and Muslims to stand up for their families. We must stop allowing our leaders to use the West and Israel as an excuse to distract from their own failed leadership and their citizens' lack of freedoms. It's time to stop allowing Arab leaders to complain about cartoons while turning a blind eye to people who defame Islam by holding Korans in one hand while murdering innocent people with the other.'

Second and soon to be my best friend is Villagers With Torches

This site is run by Epaminondas, and it appears, he is a Yankee fan.

Hence, a very good friend of mine.

Here is a sample...

It is well and good for Western newspapers to republish the Mohammed cartoons in solidarity with Jyllens-Posten. But not one major news outlet has reported the most controversial religion story of the year, the debate among the pope and his advisers about whether and to what extent Islam is capable of reform (see When even the pope has to whisper, January 10). Close friends accused me of endangering the life of Pope Benedict XVI by publishing a report already available on the Internet. If it is true that the pope cannot speak to the subject for fear of assassination, then he is a prisoner in the Vatican as much as was the unfortunate wartime pope Pius XII.

I urge you all to visit these guys often, they are some proud Infidels.


Blogger von Schlichtningen said...

(blushing) Thank you very much Fu2rman and JMJ.

There are some very fine postings on this blog. I am looking forward to come by here often.

7:11 AM  
Blogger Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

"Islam by holding Korans in one hand while murdering innocent people with the other.'"

Isn't that the truth!!!

Just flipped over from JMJ...?

I also posted this picture from the artist that publishes them with a link....boy he is awesome!! He is soon going to crank out some more!! (smiling)

7:22 AM  

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