Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cartoon Conspiracy

At this point we must agree that something stinks about this cartoon issue.

First off, the cartoons were first published back in October, 2005, during Ramadan, and there were no protests!

We didn't even here about it.

Actually, JMJ posted the cartoon about Muhammad sending suicide bombers away from paradise/heaven because, 'they had run out of virgins', long before the protests.

So why now?

Some will say it some kind of conspiracy, and I'm not big on conspiracies, but they may have something here.

I have my own theory, you go ahead and shoot it down if you like, but check this out.

Who has something to gain from these 4 or 5 month old cartoons?

Well, any hardline Muslim country that is seeing it all go down the drain with the free elections in Iraq.

If you look at this 'conspiracy' what you will find is that they have put 'Free Speech' on one side, and the 'Muslim Religion', on the other.

Think about it, it would make sense that if you could be losing, you say...

If you want freedom, what you will get is nothing but blasphemy against your entire belief system!

I don't know, I'm just wondering why this was no big deal during Ramadan, and now there are Muslims world wide protesting.

Any other theories?


Blogger JMJ said...

Excellent point!! I had not thought of it that way and it makes not only perfect sense but is EXTREMELY powerful! Even if one does not see it like I did not, the concept must get into one's subconscious. Interesting!!

I like it!!

7:03 AM  

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