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Danish Cartoons of Mohammed

Mona Omar Attia, Egypt's ambassador to Denmark, said after a meeting with Rasmussen that she was satisfied with the position of the Danish government but noted the prime minister had said he could not interfere with the press.

"This means the whole story will continue and that we are back to square one again. The government of Denmark has to do something to APPEASE the Muslim world," Attia said.

Square one is right! We have only just begun to fight!!


Blogger JMJ said...

To E Mullah:
Indeed! The Muslim protests and threats of suicide bombers/death threats are now nicely demonstrating where the cartoonist's idea of showing Mohammed with a bomb on his head originated from. I don't believe mankind had bombs back in the 7th century!

Or how would you explain where the cartoonist's could have gotten this idea?

Regarding possible idolatry or worship:
I would think there would be ABSOLUTELY NO THREAT that people would begin to view Mohammed as " an object of worship" after viewing these cartoons. I would not exactly call these cartoons flattering. In fact, I would argue that the Muslim's very large, negative response to these cartoons has begun to put Mohammed's importance (no matter how much respect Mohammed most certainly deserves) up there on or close to the same level as Allah. Thereby confusing potential Islamic converts as well as veteran Muslims by causing them to view Mohammed as " an object of worship" because of this very large uproar. And wasn't that the whole point to the Muslim protest in the first place, to avoid this? To NOT draw too much attention to Mohammed and therefore keep one's praise and worship focused on Allah?

Irshad Manji:
"When Muslims put the Prophet on a pedestal, we're engaging in idolatry of our own. The point of monotheism is to worship one God, not one of God's emissaries. Which is why humility requires people of faith to mock themselves - and each other - every once in a while ... Clearly, I’m as impure a feminist as I am a Muslim. The difference is, offended feminists won’t threaten to kill me."

E Mullah, if your comment is such an obvious fact which would've caused Mohammed to just smile, why are there so many Muslims that are being misled into violence?

And now they have awakened the SLEEPING GIANT of FREEDOM! And we have only just begun to awaken and organize! Watch us grow!

1.3 billion Muslims vs 6.0 billion non-muslims!

1:10 PM  
Blogger JMJ said...

Due to Blogger technical difficulties, the below post was lost. I am reposting it. It was posted BEFORE the above comments.

E Mullah said:
As an ambassador of Muslim country she should have been knowledgable about Islam and must know that Quran does not demand such things. IF Prophet Muhammad would have been alive I am sure he would have smiled and dismissed all the protest

1:13 PM  
Anonymous emullah said...

Thanks JMJ! Muslims are not realizing the underlined fact that they are ending up worshiping Muhammad which he prohibited himself.

You have raised a very good question why Muslims are misled into violence. I will definitely post the answer. I had already planned this. Just been busy in family affairs. My comment on your other alliance site is lost too.

11:14 PM  
Blogger JMJ said...

Thank you so much for your reply.

As I have educated myself during these recent cartoon affairs, I have also been made aware of how difficult it must be for many Muslims.

I think the verse below explains.

"And if ye are in doubt As to what We have revealed From time to time to Our Servant, then produce a Surah Like thereunto: And call your witnesses or helpers (If there are any) besides Allah, If your (doubts) are true.
"But if ye cannot-And of a surety you cannot-Then fear the Fire Whose fuel is Men and Stones-Which is prepared for those Who reject Faith."

Al-Quran 2:23-24)

This was posted by a Muslim and it showed me how Muslims are frequently, as we say in the west, between a rock and a hard place. At least the way I interpreted it.

By the way, I have forwarded your message to some of my fellow IBA bloggers who, unless they feel threatened, are indeed very peaceful and kind people. Please do not take offense to the many things said on our sites. They are really concerning the violent, non-tolerant Muslims, unlike yourself.

Hopefully, we can work together in a spirit of cooperation and kindness to find a win-win situation for all involved.

If you feel unsafe about communicating in blogs and after we get to know each other a little so we both feel comfortable regarding our safety (yours and mine, although yours concerns me more, considering your location), I would be happy to share my email address with you and we could discuss things with a little more privacy. Although, nothing is absolutely safe.

But I would be willing to take that risk on my part as a demonstration of reaching out in good will and brotherhood as well as in the quest for peace.

Afterall, we are all creations of Allah, or God as we him in the west.

Respectfully and sincerely,

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what about the difference between YaHWEH obliterating heathen nations versus Allah blessing the eradication of non_muslims? Here is the difference: YaHWeH said "THOU SHALT HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME. ESPECIALLY AN IMPOSTER NAMED 'ALLAH.'"
YaHWeH, the proven true God who shows signs and wonders up to the present time through the ministries of the Christians demanded obliteration of foreign nations who are non-believers, but not to coerce conscience but to show Himself thus, "..that the people of the world may know that I am YaHWeH. I am the only Saviour and none can deliver out of My hand.." This only is the mean how YaHWeH can show glad tidings to the surrounding nations that He is the true God, i.e., by war. Preaching method to win pagans is an idea far beyond. The Old Testament time is warlike, barbarous, and crude. People in those days are receptive to things attuned to their crude culture; they are not spurred by refinements known to us moderns. The impetus that would drive them to action and exploits is not the diplomacy and the effeminate courtesy of the 21st century but the rural rawness of the unsophisticatedly sincere culture of their time. To obliterate other "heathen" nations is therefore not to be viewed negative, rather, positive. But judging from our time, it is inapplicable (not that it is “bad” but “inapplicable”). In their time, to conquer by war, by display of power in destroying and obliterating toxic nations is the wholesome method how a god can be proven of his godship. Second, we must understand that when one has a stubborn malignant tumor in his flesh, the necessary action to de done must be to cut it off and uproot it from the human body so that it will not poison the whole person. Similarly, we must kill a mad dog before it bites us. Here in YaHWeH, He must act as a policeman to guard His world from the spread of such sinful virus like the heathen nations in order to preserve the good people's existence from their poisonous philosophies -mere egotistical ideas on life, a self-idolatry against YaHWeH. Jesus (YaHWeH the Saviour Himself who become a human being) said,"Ye are the salt of the earth"(Matthew 5:13). What is the use of the salt but to season the food and to preserve it from corruption? On the other hand, what taste the salt has but such sharp pungent bite to the tongue? Moreover, salt is severe to bacteria and viruses. So is YaHWeH the supreme good, He must necessarily be acidic to all pollutants, vice, sinful practices, conceited ideologies (philosophies). He must necessarily be severe to such heathen countries. He, the proven true God must be the One to define what is right and He is authorized to inflict guilt on the disobedient people Jew or non Jew. And no ancient or modern intellectual have the least authority to question Him. Whatever He does, it is correct, it is right, no matter how hateful and evil it is in our sight, this type of sight poisoned by heathen philosophies that are intellectually conscious rather than conviction consciousness. YaHWeH is the One Who alone can pronounce what is good or bad.
People tend to see YaHWeH as cruel because He destroyed those heathen nations. To them He is unmerciful and severe because of those acts. But they did not see the other side, that He is doing what He must do for the sake of His righteous people, to protect them from the evil effects of idolatry and rebellion to the true God characteristic in those pagan nations. A father who had children who are ungrateful and who curses their father must be punished and banned least they corrupt other good children who are faithful. So, for the sake of the good no matter they are few, God must protect them from the baleful influence of evil. Yet the rebellious moderns think He is not gentle in that matter. As I’ve said, they do not see the other side how correct it was for God to do as He did. “But man, in his blindness, will overlook the abominations of the ungodly, and pass by unnoticed the continual ingratitude and rebellion and heaven-daring sins of those who trample God’s law and defy His authority. They do not stop here, but exult in subverting His people, and influencing them by their wiles to transgress and show open contempt for the wise requirements of Jehovah.” See, the world thinks God as cruel, but the world’s thinking is unfair. They do not see how bad the influence of the ungodly heathen. “The tender mercies of the wicked are cruel” (Proverbs 12:10). “Man has no right to say to his Maker, Why doest Thou thus? There is no injustice in His character. He is the Ruler of the world, and a large portion of His subjects have rebelled against His authority, and have trampled upon His law. He has bestowed upon them liberal blessings, and surrounded them with everything needful. Yet they have owed to images of wood and stone, sliver and gold, which their own hands have made. They teach their children that these are the gods that give them life and health, and made their lands fruitful, and give them riches and honor. They scorn the God of Israel They despise His people,.. “The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God” (Ps.14:1) God has borne with them until they filled up the measure of their iniquity, and then he has brought upon them one swift destruction. He has used His people as instruments of His wrath, to punish wicked nations, who have vexed them, and seduced them into idolatry.” On the other hand, He is not unreasonable nor does He contradict Himself unlike His imposter, Allah. This is Who YaHWeH is. He has the right to punish wicked nations who behave like pestilence and disturbance on earth. Originally, since the time of Adam to the people before the flood, YaHWeH is not unknown, but the perverse antediluvians tried to ignore Him. (Romans 1:28; Genesis 6:5). Then He revealed His law at Sinai spoken in awful grandeur. But the disobedient nations would not like anything Jewish, about God’s Law, Sabbath, etc.. They hate YaHWeH’s sovereignty; hence we have these heathen nations. But YaHWeH, through wars and great wonders has been revealing Himself and His righteousness. There is no exempt. Even the pagan countries have the witness of conscience within their hearts to what is morally right and morally wrong (See Romans 2:14-15), except that the Sabbath day was blurred to them. This day is the only sign which points to YaHWeH the sole Creator of the universe (Genesis 1:1-3; Exodus 20:8-11, Mark 2:27-28, Revelation 14:7). But the heathen worshipped the sun. Hence, we have the Sunday as worship day. Thus the glory of YaHWeH the Creator was clouded. The worst is, the Roman-catholic church introduced this change of Sabbath sanctity into Sunday arguing with weak, inadequate, futile, unscholarly babbling that it was the day Jesus resurrected; in this way using Christ’s resurrection to sanction their pagan Sunday. This is devil itself, trying to mock YaHWeH's creatorship by intruding into the pure catholic church, making it "Roman" (Roman-catholic); thus, the worship due YaHWeH was eclipsed by the pope so that instead of looking to YaHWeH God, people looks at a human idol, the pope of Rome, the devil in disguise. Instead of going directly to the heavenly sanctuary to confess our sins and to direct our eyes to Jesus our only High Priest (Hebrew 4:14-16; 10:19-23), we are to look into the confessionals and confess our sins to an unworthy, sinful mortal; and have a Mary created as our mediator to Christ, as if Christ’s mediatorial priesthood is not enough.
Again, this method of convicting the conscience by physical war is applicable to the Old Testament time. But YaHWeH Himself, the awesome God of Israel came down in the form of flesh and was crucified to intensify His Holy Law and drive home more forcefully His sense of Holiness into the hearts of the people that not by brute force or bloody wars must be the method to this but the preaching of the gospel without the use of arms and physical weapons. In this manner His glory is manifested as a God, not by signs or thunders (although He still performs this today), or wars, but by the conviction of conscience to the compelling truth of the Bible. To the unbelieving Jews, YaHWeH must exercise large amount of His power to prove Himself so that they will believe. (Exodus 4:8-9). He must threaten with plagues and pestilence so that they will be taught how to fear and obey Him. But now, it’s not hard for us to believe Him because He had so driven Himself to human flesh, and intruded into the body of man to dwell there as its temple, (1 Corinthians 4:16-17; 2 Corinthians 6:16; John 1:14) then, by the witness of our conscience we can easily believe Him. No need for Him to perform His signs, wonders, pestilences, obliteration of nations. But if in case its hard for us to be worked by YaHWeH because the soil of the heart is hard and stony (Luke 8:6,13;Matthew 13:5-6,20,21; Mark 4:5,6,16,17), then YaHWeH will use His signs and wonders to strike the heart with evidences so that faith will generate within the heart, but He will not use the war machinations, we must leave all the physical powers to the earthly sovereignty we are confined. Let them decide. No more wars or putting the Law into our hands. We must have God or the judges, rulers of the land to do the task. One significant point, vengeance belongs to YaHWeH not ours. Jihad is human nonsense. We are not authorize to put the law into our hands but we must leave them to the government or God who are to appropriate justice (See Matthew 5:38,39;Exodus 21:22-27;Leviticus 24:17-22; On Vengeance: Proverbs 20:22, 24:29, 25:21, 22; Deuteronomy 32:35; Romans 13:1-7). We accomplish by preaching and preaching alone. Here we pull down pride, chastise lust, smash idolatry, inspire the lowly, and strengthen faith. YaHWeH does not have to come down to direct the battle being the YaHWeH Sabaoth (YaHWeH of hosts). He is just to empower His servants to preach His word, and the hearts of the people tremble and repent. So instead of wars obliterating the countries, we have Peter, James, Paul, and the rest of the Apostles. And when the church became conceited and persecuted fellow Christians as is this monstrous Roman-catholic institution which has brought a lot of disgrace throughout Christendom, we have Martin Luther who preached so severely against the pope. His words were thunderous. Physically weapons cannot match the spiritual power of YaHWeH which animated him to despise the papacy. No physical wars but that truth is offensive to a wicked, sin-loving heart (Matthew 10:34-36; John 3:19-20). Of course the fact was, the peasant reacted violently because they misinterpreted Luther's intent. The point is, it was the use of words, the power of YaHWeH's Spirit which offended the evil world.
This is the idea: That YaHWeH and Jesus is a single Person, not that YaHWeH as the Father, the God in the Old Testament, and Jesus, merely the Son, the God of the New Testament. But that YaHWeH is Israel's God Who finally became a human being to save people from their sins. In addition, the name Jesus means, JEHOVAH/YAHWEH IS SALVATION. But since the explanation of the name "Jesus" refers not on a statement but is directed as a personal name because of His duty to save, the name Jesus meant, JEHOVAH/YAHWEH THE SAVIOUR (Isaiah 43:11; Matthew 1:21). This is what I meant the method changed, but the God is the same, because Jesus is the YaHWeH who spoke through the mouth of the prophets who finally became a human being to rescue the sinful world. YaHWeH obliterates nations now not by means of physical warfare but the spiritual. (Ephesians 6:12-20). WE do not practice physical obliteration but spiritual obliteration. Condemned and obliterated the conscience of those who would not listen to the truth, God will give them up to a reprobate mind and their sins unforgiven should they persist in presumptuous rejection of His truth. (Romans 1:18-32; Mark 3:28-30; Hebrew 10:26-29). The Muslims are without exemption should they dare to reject Christ’s offer of salvation because Christ is the way to the Father (John 14:6; Acts 4:12).
Yet we cannot deny that even now YaHWeH is still active in punishing nations. For example, few days just after Indonesia proclaimed its nation to be officially Islam, a Tsunami broke forth and overwhelmed it. This is a direct chastisement of YaHWeH on a disobedient nation who dared to despise YaHWeH the only true God. This is the consequence of trying to officialize paganism as if turning its back stubbornly from Christ. God is punishing people now a days through storms, pestilence, plagues, natural calamities, visiting wicked people of their sins who exhausted His patience. We cannot blame Him if He allow evil forces to humiliate the pentagon on that 9/11 catastrophe. We are the ones who are unfair because we keep on disobeying His commandments, always breaking His sacred Sabbath law, the very sign of His supremacy over all His created things in the entire universe. He blesses us every hour, but we are ungrateful and disobedient. He can do nothing more if we persist to be wicked than to blot out our existence just as He did to the antediluvian world, Sodom and Gomorrah, Assyrians, etc. The patience and forebearance of God though long, has limits. He would not allow the righteous people to be overpowered by the corrupt people. He must clean the world from dirt. It is not fit for one tomato in the basket to contagiously corrupt the rest of the tomatoes. On must throw it of.
Concerning the second phase, “Allah blessing the eradication of non-Muslims,” I say, Islam is an idolatry of worshipping a single, heathen, murderous god who secretly intends to dethrone YaHWeH the God of Israel. And Koran is a shameful book. Such insistent, troublesome, dishonest religion should not be listened to. The Islamic concept of war falls obsolete now that YaHWeH’s method was changed under the A.D. (Anno Domini) era. YaHWeH seeks to establish His kingdom on earth not visibly in terms of European grandeur, but in the hearts of His people. (Matthew 4:17) Then He will come and take them home to heaven where He is (John 14:1-3; Matthew 24:29-31; Mark 13:24-27; Luke 21:25-28; 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17; Revelation 1:7). And then He will destroy the earth along with its wicked inhabitants who rejected His offer of salvation (Revelation ch. 20; Matthew 25: 31-46), along with the great apostate institution of the papacy of Rome (2 Thessalonians 4: 3-4, 8-10; Daniel 7:24-26; Revelation chs. 13, 17, 19:20), and finally create new heavens and new earth. (Isaiah 65:17; Revelation 21, 22). But Jesus did not come to set His kingdom on earth presently. It’s a blasphemous disobedience of the Vatican against heaven (Daniel 8:9-12), to dare to adorn itself (its brand of Christianity) with worldly display of grandeur as if making Christ to rule on earth and to reign in earthly tribunals. Jesus said plainly and clearly, “My kingdom is not of this world” (John 18:36). And He did not authorize popes to be His vicar, for who can match the equal superiority of Christ’s presence but His Holy Spirit? And Who is to be His vicar, yes, Christ’s true vicar on earth when He’ll go to heaven but the Holy Spirit alone? (John 14:16-18) He is to be our Teacher (John 14:26), not the popes who knew nothing about Hebrew-Greek Biblical scholarship. They knew only philosophical theology grounded not on sound Biblical hermeneutics but on such heathen mind of Aristotle, Plato, the Greek and Roman ideology, plus the host of modern philosophers whose conceited minds are prone to sophisticate simple Scriptural passages, mangling, perverting the words of God into their filthy interpretations. Thomas Aquinas’ mind is full of pagan poison. And both Augustine and Aquinas have no sufficient training in Hebrew-Greek Biblical scholarship. Neither do Ambrose, Cyprian, Athanasus, Gregory the Great, and all the big shots of Rome. Damn the persecuting church of Rome. God shall punish them at His coming for their trying to Hellenize the Hebrew-Christian teachings, in other words, trying to paganize the truth of Jehovah/YaHWeH.
Back to the issue of Allah blessing the eradication of non-Muslims. This idea clings to the Old Testament notion of war. But, as we observe, it is not so in the New Testament. Therefore we conclude that Islamic beliefs still have not evolved. It remained barbarous and crudely warlike. I should say, “tumultuous” and “disturbing.” Here, their god would have them deal nations against nations to evoke war and rumors of war while Jesus emphasized the preaching of THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM (Matthew 24:7-14). Not by war but by preaching. If in war, it is a spiritual warfare, not physical (Ephesians 6:8). Allah is a demon because he contradicts YaHWeH.
Finally, here is my advice. Such god blessing the eradication of non-Muslims should not be listened to. Isn’t Islam a plagiarized religion? Are not their cheap simplistic beliefs dirty and barbarous? Jihad is a world-wide shame and disgust. Such cruel god must be rejected, abandoned, rooted out from the memory of man. Do not be deceived to think of Allah as the same with the God of Israel for they have different characters as we can read in the Bible and in Koran. Allah is the demon of Arabia deceiving the world by plagiarizing Judeo-Christian religion. YaHWeH said, “THOU SHALT HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME. ESPECIALLY AND IMPOSTER NAMED ‘ALLAH.’” Here, the imposter of YaHWeH is Allah. Now the pope of Rome is the imposter of Jesus. The pope claimed to be Christ’s vicar yet he persecutes a lot of Christians for more than a span of 1000 years. He is worse than the Allah. But YaHWeH will punish both Allah (Satan) and the pope because they are inspired by one spirit: the spirit of hatred and murder. YaHWeH will torment Allah (Satan) with fire and brimstone (Revelation 20:10). But He will destroy papacy with the breath of His mouth (1 Thessalonians 2:1-10), and finally “cast them alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone” (Revelation 19:20).

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