Thursday, February 16, 2006


Mohammed said to Allah: "How can we advance in this cruzade

with Their lack of solidarity?!!"

To see one of the best cartoons and analysis "depicting" this whole blasphemy affair, check out a great new blog by a Dane named von Schlichtninge at "hmmh".

Really good stuff!

You've got to check out his link! The analysis is as good as the cartoon!

BTW, his Danish understanding and analysis of Europe is quite a find.
The picture that really got the Islamist fundamentalists going. This cartoon was published today in Visão(*) a Portuguese weekly magazine. And boy is it politically incorrect. I love it.

Just look at this drawing. Allah/God and Mohammed sitting on a cloud, symbolizing heaven, reading Jyllandsposten (the Danish newspaper starting the whole thing) together and laughing their hearts out. Presumably they are looking at the cartoons. One of the cartoons is actually on the frontpage and can be seen. Ales notice God is wearing a medallion with Arab writings. I do believe it is Mohammed and God. Though it could be Allah and God, but the common understanding is that God and Allah is the same deity.

Underneath the cloud fires are burning symbolizing hell and maybe also our mundane earth. In hell we have a fanatical Islamist suicide bomber - notice the bombs around his waist - holding a sword and looking to heaven complaining he gets no solidarity in this crusade. Crusade at least a double entendre of course. The terrorist, for that he seems to be, is nearly completely cowered with only his hands, eyes and mouth showing. He wears a green headband, green being considered by Muslims the most pure color - and also the color of terror organizations such as Hamas.

This is the most wonderful blasphemy. Allah and Mohammed both drawn with their faces visible and laughing hard to tears, no less, at their Muslim subject's trouble on Earth. The fanaticals at least on their way to hell. Why are they laughing? Because the situation, the Islamists, and the cartoons are all ridiculous? Maybe all of those or more.

I wonder what will happen now? Portugal is now obviously also a country involved having a drawing of its own. The original 12 cartoons have not been published in Portugal as far as I know. The government can not be happy.
(*) I read this magazine, which is rather left wing, to get a broad coverage. But once again I get surprised in this crisis of freedom. Some people I never would have thought would battle for freedom, do. And others I admired and were sure would do battle for freedom, don't, some even favor censorship and submission. In the time of crisis you always learn who you can count on, I suppose.


Blogger von Schlichtningen said...

JMJ. Looks nice :)

I have a corrected text with less spelling mistakes and a tiny bit adjusted.

Blogger has been hopeless today. Slow and buggy. It took me 30 minutes tu create the posting and then I could not correct?!

Thank you very much for the kind words. Greetings to Fu2rman.

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