Friday, April 21, 2006

More Evidence of Peace From The Muslims

This is an interesting article.

What Muslims Hear at Friday Prayers

Is there really a clash of the cultures between Islam and the West? SPIEGEL documents Friday sermons from mosques around the world. As imams guide their congregations, they praise the delights of paradise, sow the seeds of doubt in government authority -- and sometimes preach hatred.

Last Monday, the 12th of Rabi al-Awwal 1427, traffic stood still in most Islamic countries, government employees had the day off and children stayed home from school. On the 12th of Rabi, the world's Muslims observe the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad.

Pictured--Thousands of Indonesian Muslims assemble at the Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta.

Egyptians celebrate Maulid al-Nabi, as a sort of Islamic Christmas. In cities across the Nile delta, thousands take to the streets playing drums and trumpets. Little girls receive dolls and little boys are given horses made of sugar. It's Egypt's biggest religious festival.

In Pakistan, the faithful place a young boy, dressed as a Bedouin, on a horse and parade him through the streets, representing the return of the Prophet in the form of a child -- apparently not a violation of the prohibition on displaying images of the Prophet the Muslim world often defended so vehemently. But this year the return of Muhammad ended in a blood bath, when a suicide bomber blew up himself and 57 others during prayers in the southern Pakistani city Karachi.

Islam has many faces, and on the Friday before the Prophet's birthday, SPIEGEL correspondents visited mosques from Nigeria to Indonesia to listen to the sermons of the imams. They were there in part to look into a suspicion that has taken hold in the West, especially since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Have the mosques been transformed from a place of prayer into a hotbed of extremism and center of Islamist indoctrination? Is there truly a dangerous clash of cultures underway, as so many people in Europe and America fear?

Radical preachers have actively contributed to this impression. In a Berlin mosque, a television crew secretly recorded the sermon of a Turkish imam who described the Germans as godless and railed against their alleged stench. In London, hate preacher Abu Hamza al-Masri called upon the faithful to murder female tourists in his native Egypt, saying: "If a woman, even a Muslim woman, is naked and you have no way of covering her up, it is legitimate to kill her."

Other agents of the Koran speak moderately when addressing Western audiences, but their words turn decidedly more radical when directed towards Muslims. In an interview with SPIEGEL, television imam Yusuf al-Qaradawi, perhaps currently one of the most influential Islamic scholars around, magnanimously conceded that there is also room in heaven for devout Christians and Jews. But on his Arab-language website a short time later, he made it clear that he believes that Christians and Jews are ultimately nothing more than infidels.

Be sure to read the whole article.

There are so many issues there...


Just to be clear...

"If a woman, even a Muslim woman, is naked and you have no way of covering her up, it is legitimate to kill her."

...It is legitimate to kill her!?!

I don't think so.

Only God or Allah could have created something so beautiful.

And only God or Allah has the right to take his creation off this Earth.

Who do these people think they are?


Blogger Cosmo Kramer said...

HELL I wouldn't kill that girl if she was a muslim! I think its wrong to kill an defenseless muslim.

10:52 PM  
Anonymous religion of pieces said...

"Only God or Allah could have created something so beautiful.
And only God or Allah has the right to take his creation off this Earth."

I disagree. God is not Allah and Allah is not God. God creates - Allah destroys. Christ said "Suffer little children to come unto me". Mohammed, the pedophile prophet of Allah, said "Suffer little children when I come into you"

But I do agree that there is an irreconcilable cultural conflict between the West and Islam, and Islam has a long-term agenda of destroying Western civilisation by creeping subversion and intimidation.

Islam's cultural strategy of Islamizing the West is summarised in an excerpt from

"The pervasiveness of the global village is such that there is only one way to escape its grasp: destroy it. And this is Al-Zawahiri’s ideological program, which he pursues with a complex strategy. For the formula of modernizing Islam, he substitutes another: Islamizing modernity, and therefore the West.

Within the Muslim world, Islamization means de-Westernizing everything: from political and cultural institutions to economic ones, even to the point of rethinking banking operations.

On the outside, it means spreading Islam through vigorous missionary activity, in both Europe and the United States: this activity is supported above all by Saudia Arabia. But according to the most radical interpretations, Islamizing the West means violently attacking its political and economic power, without sparing the civilian population."

This pan-Islamist program might make some smirk, just as many smirked at Hitler before his political ascent. But this is a real program, which is being carried out according to a clear plan, and although it is working slowly, it is producing results.

3:48 PM  
Blogger Yaakov Kirschen said...

it is becoming more and more obvious that the appeal of expansionist islam is its view that women are things, not really people.
the silence of women's groups in the West is a shocker.

Dry Bones
Israel's Political Comic Strip Since 1973

2:42 AM  
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