Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tiger Set To Apologize Tomorrow

Turn on ESPN right now, and this is all you will hear about.

What is he going to say?  Is Elin going to be there?  Is he sincere?  He isn't taking questions, is this just a face-saving stunt?  Blah, blah, etc.

Of course this has nothing to do with remorse,  it's just the first step in getting his sponsors back.  

It will come off as an insincere and scripted apology, because it will be an insincere and scripted apology.

But so what?

Tiger doesn't owe the public a damn thing! 

As for his roster of mistresses, he owes them nothing either. 

They knew he was married, they deserve nothing.  And if that stupid porn star Joslyn James/Veronica Daniels, actually had an abortion(s?) and quit doing porn at Tiger's request, that's on her too.  

This broad is represented by the devil, Gloria Allred, who has asked Tiger for a public apology.

Gloria Allred said she wants the golfer to "apologize to Veronica by name on Friday for all of the anguish and distress that he has put her through."
She added that Siwik-Daniels wants Woods to "acknowledge that they had a three year romantic and intimate relationship, and that he told her that their relationship would last a lifetime."
"Veronica has made tremendous sacrifices for him. She gave up the porn business at his request and went into hiding when the scandal broke in order to protect him. But to date, he has not contacted her to apologize," the New York Daily News quoted Allred as saying.

Come on, do you think Tiger is stupid?

I thought Allred was supposed to be smart.  This is transparent and obvious.  Veronica should sue her to get her money back.  

If Tiger acknowledges the affair with Veronica in any way, it opens him up to their bullshit lawsuit.  Because right now they have no case.  He publicly admits a relationship with Veronica, and they're going to court.  

And for what?  

Veronica:  Because I quit porn, and I loved him, and yeah I know he was married, but I want to cash in now because I'm mad...hmmph...

Where is the real wrong doing here?  

Broad fucks married man, married man lies to her, married man dumps her to save marriage.  

Is this really a surprise to anyone?

Isn't that how affairs are supposed to work?

I have another thought on why Tiger doesn't want anything to do with Veronica...

She used to look like this...

And now she looks like this...


When you look at Before/After pictures, isn't the After supposed to look better?  

You really think Tiger is going to go out of his way to keep her around?  Well, his avoidance of her says it all.

Bottom line, Tiger is golfer, not a politician.  He doesn't represent us, the public.  So he doesn't owe us, the public, anything.

He gets paid a lot of money to play golf and help sell Gatorade and Nike  and other junk.

Just go play golf already.

Win a tournament, especially a Major and the sponsors will be lining up to get on the Tiger Train...

Apology or no apology.


Blogger Peter Dengler said...

You are absolutely right. He does not represent we the public.

He does, however, represent us GUYS!

Let's face it, every guy wants to get all that poontang, and if we had the opportunity ...

well, maybe not,


we understand anyway ...

2:08 PM  
Blogger The Fu2rman said...

Another point I forgot to make was that he didn't cheat at GOLF, he cheated on his wife.

If he cheated at golf, he would absolutely owe the public an apology.

10:41 PM  

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