Friday, March 26, 2010

Kevin Durant Better Than Kobe???!!??!!?!?!? What a Fucking Joke

Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi says Kevin Durant is better than Kobe:

Kobe in reality has been no better than the second-best player in the league for about 18 months now — LeBron James passed him somewhere back in '08. He still had a legit claim to Alpha Dog status coming in to this year because he'd just won a championship. But there's a big difference between being "in the conversation" for the top-dog status and being the third-best guy — and one who's getting older. And that's where he is, third, because Durant is suddenly poster-izing the whole league.


I give you two videos. The first one is Kevin Durant's Top Ten Plays of All-Time, assembled by One of the Top Ten Plays" is Kevin draining a wide-open three. Pretty impressive, huh? I mean, shouldn't every NBA Player be able to drain a wide-open three now and then?

What a fucking joke?

The second video is a bunch of random Kobe action, assembled by a fan.

The first minute of Kobe action is entirely more impressive than anything from the Kevin Durant video.

Matt Taibbi must be a fucking retard.

In LA we get used to such greatness from Kobe. The rest of the country needs a little reminding every now and then.

It ought to be interesting to watch tonight as the Lakers play Kevin Durant's Thunder. Something tells me the only Thunder we'll be hearing tonight is the players on Durant's team shitting their pants.


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