Friday, April 30, 2010


I know it must seem like we're all just a bunch of rough, tough macho men here at the After Party. But no, really, we're totally into our sensitive side. We're way into art.

Way into it.

Because art is a reminder of beauty uncorrupted. It is a reminder of

beauty as it existed
on that first quiet morning,
when some strange, but brilliant, god breathed,

like a glass-blower,

into the crystalline orb of creation,
filling it with fertility,
and the first flower unfolded it's pristine petals.

We must remember such moments because they are precious, and yet precarious, as they have passed into the nether world of the collective unconscious. And yet, we know, somehow, they are part of us, necessary to the strength of our soul as we pass through this life, shielded by nothing but beauty.

Breathe in and remember the unremembered. Know the first fruits of our formation. Shhh, peaceful.


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