Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oh Stop It Already!

Second-grader questions first lady on immigration

Has anyone else had enough of this?

Right First Lady Obama, you want us to believe a 2nd grader just happened to be sitting two people away from you, while you are there with the First Lady of Mexico, and this is the question she came up with, all by herself?  Yeah, right after the President of Mexico chastised us, The US, and Arizona specifically for discriminatory immigration policy.

Come on!  Stop it already!  All too often this is what we get, a politician goes to a school, or any gathering of people for that matter, and we get this kind of staged nonsense, or feigned outrage.

I've had enough, I'm sick of it.

This is exactly like 'reality' TV.  You know, scripted scenes with creative editing, so no actual reality remains.  

Maybe that's what I'm sick of.  I hate reality TV.  It is seriously insulting to the intelligence of the viewer.  This Michelle Obama moment is no different.

I'm not just picking on Michelle here, ALL politicians need to take note.  Obviously I can only speak for myself, but I know I can't be alone here in my opinion.  So here is my promise...if I see ANY politician try these asinine tactics, I will vote against him/her.  Feel free to join me.

The part that is almost worse, are the 'reporters' in this clip.  They are really going to take this seriously?  They are concerned that some people will try to hunt down this girls mother and deport her? 

Really?  Wow, this is a compelling story!

Are THEY completely stupid, or do they think WE are completely stupid?  Do they really believe we are buying this garbage?

Either way, they have ZERO credibility with me.

Well, it was from MSNBC, so the 25 people watching probably were fooled.


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