Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Secret Behind The Gore Divorce

This is a day that is a long time in coming.  The day that Al and Tipper Gore finally split. 

I've heard some speculation...

Tipper can't swallow Al's Global Warming bullshit anymore either! 

Which leads to...

 Even Al's wife is sick of him!
Yes, and who wouldn't be?

Or that she is going to take half his shit, while there is still something to take.   

You know, before the Global Warming Hoax is fully exposed.
But these are all wrong, or at very least, the smallest part of the reason.


Seriously, think about it.  Remember 'The Kiss' between Al and Tipper?  Of course nobody bought it, even then, but wasn't there something odd about it?  

YES, there was, the dude loves schlong!  Look at the second picture, it's obvious.  Which is fine, I'm not saying his love of the wiener is a bad thing. Al can do whatever he wants, it doesn't affect me.

That being said, remember this day, write it down, take a picture, do whatever you need to do...

After about a year or two, when the divorce is old news, Al is going to come out of the closet.

Not only that, he is going to need a new pet issue when Global Warming dies, so he's going to jump on the issue he wanted in the first place, but was afraid to bank his political fu2r on...Gay Rights.

That is the Fu2r of Al Gore my friends.


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