Tuesday, November 01, 2005

And Now This...

This was from The Astute Blogger.


That is a great article, it is a must read, and it's short.

Here's a taste of where it ends up...

So, the benefits of the Iraq War are HUGE!


BOTOM-LINE: The political process in Iraq is going very well - by ANY historical standard.
It is CERTAIN to lead to eventually to a stable democratic republic of Iraq which will be a staunch ally of the USA.

The Dem-Left will never live down the shame that they opposed it.
(FDR and JFK mst be spinning in their graves!)

YES, and yes indeed, but I want to focus more on where the article originated.

The Daily Demarche posts this...

Iraq is a quagmire, Kosovo is messy?

Responding to this from the Washington Times...

In the aftermath of the war in Kosovo, Macedonia nearly descended into the maelstrom of ethnic violence that characterized so much of the Balkans in the 1990s. But instead of all-out war, preventive diplomacy backed by military force led to a historic agreement signed at our lakeside town of Ohrid. It was the decisive combination of American diplomatic leadership, European Union engagement and NATO military power that enabled my country to turn away from violence and ethnic animosity, and instead embrace peaceful reconciliation and democratic reform.

Dr. Demarche adds this...

Vlado Buckovski, prime minister of that country, one finds words that are few and far apart these days:

While Macedonians deserve the credit for the difficult reforms we have undertaken, we would not have come so far or so fast were it not for the support of the United States. In our part of Europe, we know first hand the value of American leadership and the necessity of backing diplomacy with military power. We appreciate American support for our process of reconciliation and reform.

The Prime Minister also says:

We are proud to stand side by side with America and its coalition partners in Iraq and with NATO in Afghanistan as part of our commitment to face the new threats of the 21st century with our allies.

To which I say: we are proud to have you stand beside us, sir. May your country and it's brave people continue to prosper.

That is a very promising thought, I was starting to think that maybe our MSM was right, and we were little more than self-interested bullies!

Of course, that was sarcasm.

But Dr. Demarche continues...

Speaking of good news, National Review Online opens the month with Progress Reports: Balancing some of the Iraq-news scales. One rarely hears any good news from Iraq, such is the MSM fetish with all things negative. I had access to the Armed Forces Network, the military satellite TV system. This group of channels has no paid advertising, and features many "soldiers on the spot" type reports. Our family and friends who visited were always astonished to see footage of soldiers and Marines handing out toys, aiding women and children, building schools and hospitals or just speaking with Iraqis who did not cower in fear or try to kill the hated Americans on site. They simply had no idea that for most troops, most of the time, violence was a rare thing. NRO plans to continue reporting the good news all week. I say, why stop then? Why aren't we demanding the truth from our media, or at least some semblance thereof? As Capt. Todd Lindner put it in response to the question "are we getting it right" (the media coverage) when he appeared on CNN:

LINDNER: ..we did watch the news when we were back in Baghdad, and we had AFN, and we were able to watch CNN, but I don't know that they always had it right, and I don't know that it's anybody's fault, but for us, we understood our purpose for being there, and we just wanted to make a difference and have an impact, and we definitely did that. But it is kind of disheartening sometimes to see everything focused on just the, the death and destruction and the IED strikes and not focused on how well the U.S. and coalition forces are doing building up the Iraqi police services and the Iraqi army. It really is a tremendous effort being put into that infrastructure and building a self-sufficient government over there. And they're absolutely making progress.

Captain Lindner, thank you. Fear not, for your efforts have not gone unnoticed, just unreported by the MSM. Even in the heart of the liberal left, people know. As evidence I offer you this quote, from the Colorado State student newspaper:

Other fronts in the war on terror include the ever-controversial Operation Iraqi Freedom. Whether or not they were linked to 9/11, Iraq had been involved with terrorist organizations and the creation of weapons of mass destruction for decades. If you don't believe me, I have some more people you can ask, like the 5,000 or so Kurds and countless Kuwaitis who were killed by Saddam using poison gas in 1988. According to MSNBC.com Saddam showed great remorse when he referred to these Kuwaitis as "dogs" just last week in court. Oh, and if poisonous gas does not count as a weapon of mass destruction, then I don't know what does.

Outside of the removal of an evil dictator from power, Operation Iraqi Freedom has also seen the vast improvement of Iraq's infrastructure including water and electrical systems, roads, and schools. The health care budget has been increased from $16 million in 2002 under Saddam to $950 million today. Another change that has been made in Iraq, that I'm sure is dear to the heart of every employee here at the Collegian, is the establishment of free press, which had been banned for decades.

Just two weeks ago, Iraqis also voted on a new constitution, proving to the world yet again that a peaceful democratic Iraq is not too lofty of a goal. Iraq, along with Afghanistan will set an example for the rest of the tumultuous Middle East in the years to come.

I want to make one small point.

Aren't we in the US always complaining about healthcare?

Our efferts in Iraq have increased the healthcare budget from $16 million under Hussein, to $950 million under the US, shouldn't that make it worth while in and of itself?

Outstanding, Dr. Demarche.

I only wish our MSM would report this kind of stuff half the time.

Please, give us both sides of the story, that is your job, afterall.

Jeez, at this point, I'd settle for 25% of the news showing the possitive things the US is doing in Iraq.

That won't happen, the result would be the United States People would fully back the President, our military, and our efforts to rid the world of murderers, and that would conflict with their agenda.


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