Tuesday, November 01, 2005

France At A Crossroads?

I hope so.

This was on CUANAS

A Sixth Night Of Rioting In Paris

From AP, via The Astute Blogger:

Violence erupted for a sixth night Tuesday in troubled suburbs northeast of Paris with French police firing rubber bullets and tear gas as they faced down gangs of youths in Aulnay-sous-Bois, witnesses reported. ...

Tension had mounted throughout the day after angry young men torched cars, garbage bins and even a primary school in several days of rioting that highlighted the division between France's big cities and their poor satellites where disenchantment thrives. ...

Suburbs that ring France's big cities, home to immigrant communities often from Muslim North Africa, suffer soaring unemployment and discrimination. Disenchantment and anger thrive in the tall cinderblock towers and long "bars" that make up the projects.

It's interesting to note that the immigrant communities "ring France's big cities." This could become a frightening strategic advantage for the Jihadis as this war advances.

The Astute Blogger comments:

France has arrived at the crossroad - and it's right in Paris! They either push back the intifada or resign to becoming the 21st century version of Constantinople - now known as ISTANBUL.

The MOMENT OF TRUTH will come when the Muslims there step up their attacks and either shoot down a pasenger jet or crash one into the Eiffel Tower, or if they merely blow up several Metro trains one day (as they have in Madrid and London). Then the French will have to decide if they want to become more Anglo - and FIGHT BACK - or if they'd prefer to cower and appease the islamofascists - like Post-Atocha Spain did by electing the socialist Zapotero.

I have a feeling the most critical political contest for France's future will be the one leading up to the next presidential race - in 2007: the critical contest will be the primary battle between Villepin (and his anti-American foreign policies and his preference for appeasement of America's enemies), and Sarkozy (who has embraced Anglo-American economic and foreign policies).If Sarkozy loses France loses, and Paris will become Paristanbul.

The Astute Blogger is right. Sarkozy is the only mainstream French politician who has shown a willingness to go up against the Jihadis.

I hate to say it, (because I don't want to see anymore killing, but that ship has sailed), but part of me hopes that The Astute Blogger is right, and the Muslims do step up their attack.

I don't know if anything other than losing lives on their own soil will wake them up.

Do you think Iran is watching every detail of this story?

You bet!

If Villepin wins the election, Iran's statement...
" As for France and Germany, they are 'countries in terminal decline'"...will be half true, and Germany would be right behind.

My biggest concern is that only the US and our Allies are being proactive.

A reactionary approach to these issues will only make the war against the Jihad more difficult to fight, we must not let it gain any more momentum than it already has.

So come on France, show us that you have a set, elect a leader that will join us in putting a stop to this.


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