Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Jimmy Carter? Is He Still Talking?

This is a great post by The Anchoress.

Jimmy Carter, fisked and filet’d

Egad! What a tag-team! Kobayashi Maru takes on former President Jimmy Carter’s three-phased plan to promote his book and wallops him over and over again in the solar plexus,

After he left office, I thought it terribly rude of the Iranians to insult this lovable, earnest man from Georgia by waiting to release the hostages until just after he’d gone. It didn’t occur to me that the Iranians released the hostages they’d held for over a year because they knew that under Reagan, keeping them another day would be dangerous to their health… and maybe their borders as well. They knew they could get away with it indefinitely under Carter.

and then Kobayashi tags Dr. Sanity who launches herself from the ropes to utterly take the man down and leave him rolling and writhing in pain.

It was people like Jimmy Carter who tried to prevent America’s entry into WWII; and people like Jimmy Carter who blindly trusted and closed their eyes to the horrors of the Soviet “experiment”, and gave the Soviet Union carte blanche to enslave a large portion of the world under a communist yoke. It was people like Jimmy Carter who were willing to believe that utopia was just around the corner then–just before millions died under Stalin and Lenin and the soul was crushed out of a people; and it is people like Jimmy Carter who today foolishly and naiively will believe anything said by any two-bit psychopathic despot anywhere in the world; but steadfastly refuse to believe that America’s democratically-elected president might be telling the truth.

It’s quite possible that after these two pieces, no one will ever have to write about Jimmy Carter, again. You’ll want to read them both.

Be sure to read the links, like she said, it's all very good.


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