Friday, November 11, 2005


Atlas Shrugs is in the running for Aaron's Deck of Bloggers.

Atlas has an awesome blog, and if The Fu2rman and Friends can play a small part in getting more readers to her site, I would be very pleased.

Here's her post...

Ok Ok it's tacky, but it must be said. I have been put up for nomination in the Female Blogger Queen5_1Deck of will be the Hearts. The incredibly popular Deck of Bloggers has finished with the suit of Clubs (Milblogs, how cute is that?) and is now accepting votes for Hearts (female bloggers).

Yup, that means me................I am up against some stiff competition. You guys that dig me gotta vote for me. Hey,have I ever asked you for anything ?

So go over to Aaron's Deck of Bloggers and click Atlas Shrugs on thepoll on the left side bar, if Michelle Malkin runs a similar post I am dead in the water.

She's in 7th place right now, The Anchoress, who is also good, and Michelle Malkin are at the top, but let's see what we can do!

Click on Aaron's Deck of Bloggers and vote for Atlas Shrugs, don't wait, do it now.

Also, read Atlas everyday, you will love her blog.


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