Friday, November 18, 2005

Put Up, Or Shut Up

There is so much out there on this topic that I want to cover.

I hope I can do it in a coherant, as well as brief way.

I'm feeling a little passionate about this, so I'll try to stick to the facts.

First, from the Astute Blogger earlier this morning...


The high point was a comment from someone else that he referenced...

I agree with Jeff at PW:

So. How do pro-war conservatives proceed? Well, one move would be to call Congress to a vote for immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq. If Democrats want to flirt with the idea of cutting and running as a means to stroke their rabid antiwar base, force them to put their votes on record; let history show which lawmakers were willing to surrender to terrorists and to leave to the mercy of murderous fanatics millions of Iraqis who trusted enough in our stated commitment to begin the political transformation into a functioning democracy, complete with provisional constitution. If that doesn’t put an end to this nonsense, nothing will.

YUP: This WILL either put an end to their posturing and pandering or it will finally expose them as the cowards, appeasers and defeatists they truly are.

Second, from Atlas Shrugs...

Iraq to [Old] Europe: STFU!

Go check out the whole post, it's pretty short, but here is the point I want to focus on...

"European presence in Iraq is not so important. The decisive issue here is that Europeans cannot consider this from the angle of anti-Americanism. One day, Europeans must grasp that 27 million Iraqis finally have freedom, democracy and human rights because of this war."--- Jalal Talebani, the President of Iraq, in an interview with the Austrian daily Die Presse

He could have have easily changed the word "Europeans" to "US Democrats"

And then, from ABC News...

After Heated Debate, House Overwhelmingly Rejects Resolution for Immediate Iraq Troop Pullout

WASHINGTON Nov 19, 2005 — The House on Friday overwhelmingly rejected calls for an immediate troop withdrawal from Iraq, a vote engineered by Republicans that was intended to fail. Democrats derided the vote as a political stunt.

A political stunt!?!?

What is all the Left double talk about the 'President is failing', 'we must get out of Iraq', but somehow 'we must be strong on terrorism.' ???

That is not a political stunt?

What is it, just doing your duty as a public servant? Doing what you think is best for our country?

From Bogs for Bush...

Democrats: How Dare You Make Us Vote!

Oh, I see, so, Democrats will vote with Republicans against a pullout, not because they realize that to cut-and-run would be a bad thing, but because this is all a political stunt...

It must be true that The Left is just smarter than everyone else, because I can't get my little brain around the fact that somehow giving up on Iraq and running away, somehow doesn't send the message that we can't stay with our convictions, and somehow the Islamoterrorists will see that as a reason to leave us alone, while we are telling them to stop the killing, 'cause we're strong...

I'm sorry, there is no way in hell I can put that Left philosophy side by side and make it make sense.

And now the Dems had to admit it.

Back to the ABC article.

The House voted 403-3 to reject a nonbinding resolution offered by the GOP calling for the military to pull out of Iraq.

"We want to make sure that we support our troops that are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. We will not retreat," Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., said as the Republican leadership pushed the issue to a vote over the protest of Democrats.

That says a lot right there.

All this talk about pulling out, and it is a mistake to be there, what a horrible F-ing message we are sending our troops.

Sorry, I get a little upset about it. I have one of my very best friends home from Iraq, but to hear his service being called into question disturbs me.

Like most Democrats, Murtha voted against the measure. Murtha said it was not the thoughtful approach he said he had suggested to bring the troops safely home in six months.

What does that mean, thoughtful approach?

Do you want them out or not?

There's that double speak again, withdraw the troops, but wait, not right now! I just wanted to get attention, I am not really saying what I said, I just mean...

See, total subterfuge.

And thank you JMJ for bringing Dennis Hastert into the blog picture, this from Hastert...

“I am saddened by the comments made today by Rep. Murtha. It is clear that as Nancy Pelosi’s top lieutenant on armed services, Rep. Murtha and Democratic leaders have adopted a policy of cut and run. They would prefer that the United States surrender to the terrorists who would harm innocent Americans. To add insult to injury, this is done while the President is on foreign soil.

“But now, Rep. Murtha and other Democrats want us to retreat. They want us to wave the white flag of surrender to the terrorists of the world. It is unfortunate that this is all politics all the time. We need to have a strong consistent policy that will protect our men and women who are fighting to protect us overseas. We must not cower like European nations who are now fighting terrorists on their soil.

“This is the highest insult to the brave men and women serving overseas. They have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our citizens, our way of life and our ideals of freedom and democracy. And they have done excellent work. In the four years since September 11th, the United States and our partners have disrupted at least 10 major terrorist attacks. Three of those attacks were planned on U.S. soil.

The Dems were asked to put on record, stay the course, or bail out on the Iraqi people.

They said stay the course, 403-3.

We shall see.


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