Friday, December 16, 2005

Are You Serious!?

Two longtime 49ers season ticket holders have sued the football organization over the pat-down searches it has implemented before games at Monster Park this season.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California filed the suit Thursday in San Francisco Superior Court on behalf of Dan Sheehan, a season-ticker holder for almost 40 years, and his wife, Kathleen, alleging that the team’s policy violates the couple’s right to privacy under the state Constitution.

“Something’s not right here,” said Dan Sheehan, a retired glazier who said he’d owned season tickets since 1967. “You don’t get a pat-down for going to a public event. That doesn’t happen in my country.”

The National Football League, citing post-Sept. 11 terrorism concerns, issued a directive before the start of the season for its 32 teams to conduct mandatory searches of fans before they enter stadiums.

Forty-niners spokesman Aaron Salkin said the league was concerned for the safety of its fans.

“It’s NFL-mandated policy,” Salkin said. “The use of limited pat-down security screenings is entirely reasonable and serves to better protect the fans in our stadium.”

It was only in October that the ACLU sued the Tampa Bay Bucs. I only have one question, are they going to sue each and everyone of the NFL teams individually for something the NFL mandated? Why not go after the NFL’s policy? Are they hoping to get attorney’s fees rewarded, wasting our tax dollars for each individual team?

Oh, jeez...where do I start on this one?

OK chucklehead, if you don't like getting patted down to go into a public place, stay the hell home.

Do you understand that we were attacked on our own soil?

Why is it so hard to understand that things have changed?

Getting patted down is a small, small price to pay for our safety.


Blogger James_Hornet said...

I sued McDicks one on account of a McChicken, the lettus was pretty rusty and the bun wasn;'t even toasted. And it was like three days old and the secret sauce tasted like a male ejaculation...

The Judge asked me, "How do you know what a male ejaculation tastes like?"

When they found out I wasn't gay, they figured out that I was making it up. All I wanted was free McChicken. Who knew tyhat it would cost me more in the end?

2:20 AM  
Blogger James_Hornet said...

Legal fees and all that sh!t I mean :S

2:20 AM  

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