Friday, December 09, 2005

I Had To Pass This Along

This was quite funny, well, in a ridiculous sort of way.

From The Astute Blogger.


I don't often watch Bill O'Reilly's TV show. When I do watch it, I am always impressed by his directness, though I am NOT always in agreement with his views. I happened to catch a few minutes of his show the other night, and his attack on the ACLU during what he calls his "Talking Points Memo" (which opens the show) was brilliant. Here's an excerpt:

The ACLU opposes virtually every aspect of The Patriot Act, which is designed to give U.S. authorities more latitude to stop terrorism. The ACLU wants more photos from Abu Ghraib released. The organization is suing the CIA, opposing the Defense Department over detainees at Guantanamo and objects to coerced interrogation of high-ranking terrorists. The ACLU has filed suits against the Boy Scouts, a variety of Christmas displays, and attempts to stop children from accessing porn at libraries. The ACLU is defending the North American Man Boy Love Association free in a Massachusetts lawsuit, and has supported the legalization of live sex acts in Oregon. The ACLU opposes parental notification in abortion cases involving their underage daughters, opposes restrictions on late term abortions, opposes doctors informing police about possible statutory rape in abortion cases. The ACLU opposes the Minutemen on the border, exposition of the Ten Commandments in the courtroom, and is against no-fly lists to discourage terrorists from boarding airlines.

Of course, there are dozens more instances of ACLU treachery, but I think O'Reilly's list hits the mark and reveals the BREADTH of the ACLU's deliberate assault on BOTH traditional American values and our national defense. The ACLU is thoroughly Leftist and post-modern; they are anti-West and anti-Judeo/Christian; they want our traditions and culture destroyed, and if THEY can't do it in the courts, then they want our enemies to be able to do it more easily - militarily or through terror. That's why we must STOP THE ACLU.


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