Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Sorry Tookie, You're Just Face Time For Black Leaders

By this time next week, Stanley "Tookie" Williams won't be with us anymore.

That is, if all goes in the right direction.

I'm fine with people arguing against the death penalty, but the nonesense that is being spewed about Tookie being innocent, is ridiculous.

The only chance this murderer has to live is if the Governator, Arnold, grants him clemency.

Apparently, Arnold has given a half hour to each side to make their case.

That sounds to me like lip service.

He just wants to show that he is listening to both sides, and has no intention to grant clemency.

At least I hope that is true.

As a White Male, I can not comprehend any black leader leader speaking on his behalf.

What other figure in the history of the United States has done so much to set the black male back in our society?

In the last 100 years, Tookie, (51), either directly, or indirectly, has done more to set the black man back, than anyone I can come up with.

Who has claimed more lives in the black community than The Crips?

What stereotypes are young black men, that are trying to get ahead, dealing with because of the work Tookie did?

And yet, publicity whores, that call themselves "Black Leaders" are trying to defend him now that he is nearing his death sentance.

I know, it's easy for The Fu2rman to talk bad about black leaders, but if they were really concerned, and not out for the publicity, where were they over the last 24 years?

They didn't care about Tookie!

He was not headline news.

Now Tookie is headline news, and they are coming out of the woodwork.

Where was Snoop Dogg when the sentance was handed down?

He was too busy to be a friend to Tookie.

Where was Snoop when he was being tried?

Too busy? Or no interest?

This was an interesting article, it is against the death penalty, but a great read.

No special break for Crips' Tookie

Snoop Dogg was briefly a Crip before discovering it was much more lucrative, and much less dangerous, to recite clever couplets about nihilistic violence than to actually participate in turf battles, shootouts and beat-downs. "Now tell me, what's my (expletive) name?" Snoop boasted on one of his early songs. "Serial Killa!" the chorus responded. But it was all make-believe for Snoop — these days, you can see him in a television commercial playing golf with Lee Iacocca. The vast majority of his fans understood all along his music was just artifice, and I'm not ready to hold the artist responsible for the relative few who took all his pretend violence and misogyny seriously.

But Williams is a different story: The bullets in his gat were real. He was convicted of the 1979 murders of four people in two separate robberies — convenience store worker Albert Owens, 26; and motel owners Yen-I Yang, 76; Tsai-Shai Yang, 63; and their daughter Yee-Chen Lin, 43. Williams has been on death row since 1981; that he has consistently maintained his innocence of all four killings hardly makes him unique. There's no dramatic new DNA evidence or anything like that to cast doubt on his guilt.

The Fu2rman is an equal death penalty advocate.

I say, Scott "White Murderer" Peterson should die, I say, David "White Pedophile Murderer" Westerfield should die.

This is not a black or white issue!

Of course, there are hundreds of other men on death row who repent of their crimes and would appreciate a little executive clemency, but they don't have movie stars pleading their cases. Oh, and also lacking a publicity machine are the four people Williams was convicted of killing. For me, this case just reinforces my belief that there is no way the death penalty can be fairly applied. Among the ranks of the condemned are few genuinely innocent men — although one is too many. But death row is brimming with genuinely repentant men, not because some divine revelation has hit them but simply because they have grown older.

Tookie Williams is 51; his body has softened, his rage dissipated. California will not be killing the same man it sentenced to death 24 years ago. But don't buy the argument that he's a special case, because he's not.

Murderers should face the death penalty, for the sake of their victims families.

The elimination of these muderers will not give back the families loved ones, but at least they won't have the priviledge of being housed and fed on their victims families tax dollars.


Blogger Pastorius said...

Check out this post, and read the links it leads to. You won't believe it:


Good stuff.

7:31 AM  
Blogger Fu2rman said...

Thanks Pastorius,

Unfortunately, I do believe it.

These Hollywood people are totally disgusting, how they can overlook murder after murder of, and by, young black males that want to emulate this thug, is beyond me.

I have never bought a Snoop Dogg CD in my life, and never will.

I will add any Danny Glover movie to me list of Never-Sees.

If anyone wishes to show their anger over these stars position, do this.

Never buy any of their work, in fact, burn copies of their work and give them away, so they will lose money on potential sales of their work.

In this modern age of piracy, that is better than a boycott!

1:05 PM  
Blogger Pastorius said...

Heh, you'll add Glover to your list of never sees. Mine has gotten so long that the only movies I will see are the ones with puppets.

Well, I do plan on seeing The Chronicles of Narnia and Wallace and Gromit.

But, anyway, dude, no, when I said you wouldn't believe it, it was because prominent black civil rights attorney Earl Ofari Hutchinson is for executing Tookie. And, he is not the only one. Go there and read it again. It will give you a little bit of hope. The black civil rights community seems to be waking up a bit.

As you have said, no one has done as much to set back the black man, as Tookie Williams.

Except perhaps, Erkel.

That's just a joke.

12:44 AM  

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