Sunday, December 04, 2005

Freedom of Speech

An e-mailer from Peaktalk eloquently opines on Free Speech with a simplicity and clarity that our Founding Fathers would have been proud of!

Well done!!

If you as an individual can justify curbing the free speech of others for any reason, you have ended free speech and justified the loss of your own right of free speech. There can be no limit to free speech or speech is no longer free. The social contract of free speech is that ideas are neutral (but not meaningless or equal) and their open debate threatens no one’s ability to hold and live by opposing views...Freedom is a right only when fought for and defended...If you have so little faith in your own ideas that you can not hear criticism or even hatred of those ideas, perhaps you need to reconsider your ideas.

Is God so insecure that He feels threatened by a debate of religions and theology, the very belief systems that are the basis for our continuing effort to understand our creator and why we are here?

Is it not an honor and a demonstration of our thankfulness to God that we use our "God given" abilites to think and question the issues of the day, no matter where they may lead?

Ultimately, could not our all-powerful God have just created us exactly how He wanted us to be without a thinking mind or a free will and avoided all this potential "blasphemy" against Him that Islam is so obsessed with today?

One could even argue that questions that I and others raise may actually come from God since we are all creations of God and therefore have the Divine spark within each of us.

Maybe...Then let debate and the learning process continue for us all.


Blogger Cosmo Kramer said...

all I can say is, Free Speech is Important!

10:45 AM  

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