Thursday, December 08, 2005

Things Not To Do On An Airplane

Air Marshals Shoot Miami Passenger

MIAMI - Shortly after boarding an Orlando-bound plane, passengers say, they saw a man bolt from his seat and run down the aisle, with his screaming wife and man in a Hawaiian shirt behind.

"My husband! My husband!" one passenger said she heard the wife cry.

The chase ended moments later Wednesday in a Miami International Airport jetway, when authorities say Rigoberto Alpizar appeared to reach for his bag. He was shot to death by the man in the Hawaiian shirt and a second pursuer, both undercover air marshals.

Before he ran off the plane he "uttered threatening words that included a sentence to the effect that he had a bomb," said James E. Bauer, agent in charge of the Federal Air Marshal Service field office in Miami.

No bomb was found, and federal officials later concluded there was no link to terrorism. Witnesses said his wife, Anne, frantically tried to explain he was bipolar, a mental illness also known as manic-depression, and was off his medication.

"She said it was her fault that he was bipolar," said Mike Deshears, a Flight 924 passenger who works for a vacation club in Orlando. "He was sick and she had convinced him to get on the plane."

Well, at least there isn't an uproar, yet, that Air Marshalls overreacted.

That whole scenerio sounds like a terrorist plot.

Husband makes a threat, wife claims some No No he's bipolar! Just enough of a diversion to detonate a bomb.

I know that was not the situation here, but I'm glad to see that Air Marshalls aren't messing around!

We're talking about public safety, and it is apparent that Air Marshalls are taking the issue very seriously.


Blogger Cosmo Kramer said...

Fu2rman, you're right it sounds like a hostile situation, however i found out that the the marshalls that shot that pax(passgenger for short) they are on administrative leave. I am wondering WHY are they on leave? they did their job! jeez. we live in a twisted world of chaos.

6:34 PM  

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