Friday, December 09, 2005

Oh For The Love Of Tookie!

I can't believe some of the things I've heard as Tookie's last days are here.

I actually heard a Tookie advocate explain that Tookie was a victim of the police that didn't like him.

OK, that's probably true, most of us don't like murderers.

But he went on to say, Jesus wasn't really liked either!

Are you kidding me?

Now this has to be the most blasphemous thing I've ever done, and I'm sure I'm going to hell now, but do these pictures look anything alike!?

I tried to make them look alike to see if I saw the resemblance.

I don't, and now I've desecrated the image of Jesus, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to hell for it.

Hmm, I worry about going to hell, while
actual preachers make comparisons to their Lord and Savior, and Tookie Williams!

What an interesting time this is, huh?

Anyway, some other evidence just surfaced.

One, Tookie is not such a great selling author.

His books could not be found in any classrooms in the LA School District.

It is hard to find any real facts about how many books he's sold.

Obviously they are not in great demand, or they would be published by a huge publisher, and selling millions of copies.

Instead, from the LA Times...

At least 65,000 of Williams' children's books have been sold to schools and libraries, Becnel said. Urban students read them because they portray a world the children recognize, she said.


9 books, and they've sold 65,000 copies, total!

Why, that's not even 10,000 per book!

And that is way less than millions!

It's barely over half the way to 1 million!

This man is having No Impact.

he's not.

Urban Youths don't care about this man, or for that matter know who he is...

The second thing is that he is credited for co-founding The Crips.

Well actually, Raymond Washington, the supposed co-founder was THE founder.

Check out the History of LA Street Gangs, you won't find Tookie's name anywhere.

You see, the Gang was founded in 1969, and Tookie, was apparently locked up at the time.

So he Joined the gang in 1971, and it evolved into the Crips.

Do you see why he doesn't have any real impact over inner-city youths?

He's full of shit!

And they know it, and we know it, the only people that don't know it are the publicity seekers, that call themselves Activists.

Let me leave you with one thought.

This is important, as a black friend of mine, Marcus has often pointed out...

Look at the man, not his color. Many White people gave their
lives to free the Black Man, and many Black Men have done much to set his people back.

The Astute Blogger via Stanley Crouch.

The hard fact is that since 1980, street gangs have killed 10,000 people in Los Angeles, which is three times the number of black people lynched throughout the United States between 1877 and 1900, the highest tide of racial murder in the history of the nation.

Now go read the whole Stanley Crouch article, it is really short, but full of brilliance.

Here are a few excerpts, just in case you don't.

He has written children's books that speak out against gang violence. But the actor and writer Joseph Phillips discovered that the highest selling children's book written by Williams has sold only 330 copies. Not exactly a universal audience.

One of the men crying for Williams to get clemency cites the fact that he was tried by an all-white jury, none of whom were his peers. Does that mean that Williams should have had a jury of ruthless gang leaders?

But since the death of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968, we have seen the same games run on the black community by the identical kinds of political hustlers who almost never met a criminal or a murderer who was not the real victim of society and should be forgiven all crimes, which, as in the Williams case, shouldn't even be discussed.

I love this guy, he sounds just like my friend Marcus!


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Well, hallelujah brutha! I thinks that you doth have a point! Now lets all have a beer!

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