Friday, December 16, 2005

More Reason To Distrust This Nut-Job

Mr. John McCain has a victory to celebrate.

He just got G.W. Bush on his side to stop the rampant torture the US is perpetuating on the world.

What a hero...?

First, no!

If torture is so rampant, where is it today?

Abu Ghraib was almost a year ago...

Second, thank you J-McCain, for telling the world's terrorists that they have 'nothing' to worry about when they are under interrogation!

I feel more confident already...

With the Global Media, you just told our enemies that they don't have to talk, no matter what, 'ever', and they will be treated to better conditions than they had before their capture.

Thanks J-McCain!

I feel so much safer.

Next, good job on more typical PC BS!

Just like the US instituted 'Hate Crime' laws, just to make already heinous crimes, 'worse' crimes.

J-McC, you just made already illegal crimes, more illegal.

Big F#@%ing deal!

In essence, it equals political grandstanding.

You can go ahead and 'like' McCain for his 'constant' stand, but he is a political grandstander, and not a man I would ever like to follow.

McCain is a sad excuse for a leader.


Blogger James_Hornet said...

The dude is so totally a political grandstander! He just wants his name in the media. At least here on the moon, I just get to collect dilithium crystals all day. I'm currently working on a mine shaft that goes into the moon's core. Lucky me :P

1:58 AM  
Blogger Cosmo Kramer said...

one word can sum up to J MCcain...what a hack job.....

4:19 PM  

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